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Generic Accounts

Generic accounts can be created for services that are not linked to a personal account (i.e. a University username). These accounts are created by Information Technology and Digital Services to meet various business needs.

If you require internet access for events or conferences, you can now use our new Guest WiFi network, named UofA Guest. For details please click here.

Types of Generic Accounts

There are 5 types of generic accounts, each with access to different services.

Generic Account Name Reasons for Account Maximum Expiry Time Services Access is Granted to

Used for a variety of accounts with options regarding which services they have access to. These accounts are sent to your departments' Faculty Technical Advisor for approval before being approved by your manager.

e.g. holding a conference / workshop / training session at the University for external staff or students

If you only require access to the internet via the UofA Wireless, please login to the UofA Guest Wifi network. Details can be found here

12 months

The following services are optional:

Staff computer


Email address

U drive (personal storage)

Wireless (granted automatically)

Shared Email

Generic email accounts

e.g. or

12 months

Email address

U drive (personal storage)

Library* Used for service points, shared workstations, and training presentation rooms in the libraries 12 months

Internet (restricted)

Staff computers

U drive (personal storage)

Radio Adelaide* Volunteers at Radio Adelaide 12 months


Staff computers

U drive (personal storage)

Training* Used for ITS staff training room computers 12 months

Staff computers


Email Address

U drive (personal storage)

* May only be requested by members of the relevant department

Requests and Authorisation

The person who submits the request for the Generic Account will be the responsible person for that account. Please refer to the IT Acceptable Use Policy for more information.

Generic accounts are automatically deleted when the account expires, or at the request of the person responsible for the account.


Generic accounts can have their passwords changed via the Password Manager.

Generic account password resets must be requested by email from the nominated responsible person and sent from a University of Adelaide email address.

It is the responsibility of the requestor to advise other users that the password has been changed.


There are no costs associated with having generic accounts created.

If Internet access is requested, the School/Area will be responsible for all internet traffic charges.

Accessing Shared Mailboxes

If you have a shared mailbox as part of your generic account, this will be added automatically to appear in Outlook.

Related services

You may not need a generic account. For personal accounts (e.g. short term visitors or contractors), please visit:



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