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Remote Access via VPN

Do you know that you can access the University network anywhere using our Virtual Private Network (VPN)?

Please note that VPN is not available when you are connected to the University network (either by wired or wireless connection).

  • What is Two-Factor Authentication?

    Two-factor authentication, or 2FA for short, is a way to prevent unauthorised access to systems through identity theft.

    It requires two items to positively identify the user:

    • "something you know" (i.e. your password)
    • "something you have" (typically a trusted mobile phone or hardware token)

    This prevents attackers who may have stolen your password from accessing your data from some far away place.

  • Step 1: Enrolling Trusted Devices

    We recommend enrolling two of the following devices:

    • Smartphone with Duo app 
    • Mobile phone
    • Tablet device
    • Landline phone number

    Enrol your devices at In order to access the website you, must either be connected to the University network or via a browser in ADAPT. Please refer to our self-help guide for step-by-step instructions

    If you are unable to login to the website above, please contact the Information Technology and Digital Service Desk on 08 8313 3000 or email to have your University ID enabled for two-factor authentication.

  • Step 2: Using Duo to connect to VPN

    From 3rd September 2017 you will be prompted to enter a secondary password when you connect to VPN

    Perfect for access on a portable device on the go, the Web VPN is the ideal option for light, everyday use.

    To learn how to connect, see our self help guide.

    To connect, go to and enter your University ID and password

    Image on right

    Depending on what devices you have registered you can choose to:

    • "Send Me a Push" to the Duo app
    • "Call Me" on a trusted phone number
    • Manually "Enter a Passcode"

    For details refer to our self-help guides.

    Perfect for access on your home computer or staff laptop, this option is ideal for heavy use.To find out more, see our installation guides:

    When using the Cisco AnyConnect client you will see a second password field as shown below.

    For the Second Password field please type in one of the following:

    Second-factor options for Cisco AnyConnect client
    push If you have registered the Duo app on your mobile phone you will receive a push notification. Touch on the green button to connect.
    sms You will receive an SMS message with 10 one-time codes that you can use. Enter one of the codes into the "Secondary Password" field to connect.
    sms2 You will receive an SMS message the same as above on your secondary device. Only use this if you have registered more than one phone.
    phone You will receive a call on your registered phone number. As per the voice instruction, push [1] on your phone to connect.
    phone2 You will receive a call the same as above on your secondary phone number. Only use this if you have registered more than one phone number.
    passcode You can also enter a one-time code generated by your Duo app.

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