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Our Commitments

We have a number of commitments to the University and wider community.

The Theatre Guild and the University of Adelaide

The Theatre Guild is committed to fostering the theatre arts at the University of Adelaide and to linking the University with the community through the arts.

Strong support for the Humanities and the Performing Arts is a hallmark of great universities.

The Theatre Guild and the Community

The Theatre Guild is committed to providing the widest possible opportunity for members of the community to be involved in its work.

Access to the practice of the performing arts on a non-professional basis is central to a healthy community. It fosters valuable life skills through its demand for sustained disciplined effort working in a cooperative and communal manner towards a shared goal. It is an essential support to a thriving professional performing arts community.

The Theatre Guild and Emerging Artists

The Theatre Guild is committed to fostering the work of younger people by providing ongoing, thoughtfully considered opportunities for them to practise and hone their skills, to forward their understanding of the performing arts, and to determine the ultimate place of the performing arts in their lives and careers.

Younger artists are our lifeline to the future, the spring of tomorrow's vital theatrical culture.

The Theatre Guild and Australian Playwriting

The Theatre Guild is committed to providing opportunities for Australian writers to test out their work and bring it before the public in a supportive environment.

A healthy culture must question, explore and redefine itself constantly. The arts are at the heart of this activity. Without a vibrant Australian content, the theatre cannot play its role in helping us engage with the issues of our culture and defining who we are as Australians.

The Theatre Guild and Tradition

The Theatre Guild is committed to maintaining a strong classical and non-Australian repertoire, and to exposing its artists and audiences to the challenge of understanding and embracing difference which that repertoire brings.

We understand ourselves not only through engaging with what we know and with the issues of our own time and place, but through coming to grips with what is not us, with what we do not know, with other times and with other places.

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