90 Day Sprint

Innovation and entrepreneurship are at the heart of economic growth and development.

The Thinclab 90 Day Sprint Program will help you form your core business structure, assess its potential and then find a way to make it viable. You will be given the tools to identify and qualify your businesses capability via a coordinated approach of online resources, mentoring, a full day workshop, and support to structure a Lean Canvas Model.

The Sprint Program is a thorough investigation into your market segments and problems. We will help you identify your minimum viable product by engaging solution strategies and key metrics to remove barriers. Following you will create an Action plan and metrics system to progress your development

“If everything seems under control, you're not going fast enough.”
Mario Andretti, F1 Champion, Innovator


Start your Journey Now!

Any one can apply, the program is designed for all levels of Start-Up ranging from early stage right up to Scaling as it gives you the building blocks and skills to make sure you can grow your business.

Topics covered are:
  • Lean Canvas
  • Market Segments & Problems
  • MVP & Iterating Design
  • Breaking down & Creating Barriers of Entry
  • Unique Value Proposition
  • Score Card & How to Monitor your Progress


No matter where you are on your start up journey the Sprint is the gateway into our other programs at ThincLab

The other programs include ThincLab Start, Scale and Growth, to find out more click the button below.


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