PartnerX is a suite of professional growth programs powered by ThincLab. Designed as short workshops that provide immediate hands on, practical application. These workshops are opportunities for empowered learning, designed specifically to improve performance, motivation and entrepreneurial capacity.

Course 1: Service design for entrepreneurs and businesses


Service design is fundamental to innovation and business success. As an approach to innovation, service design can help organisations to re-imagine user experiences and make a difference in their lives through more meaningful service solutions.

Additionally, service design can assist in developing new markets as well as achieving higher engagement of existing users. This is equally important for starting up entrepreneurs as for established businesses.

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  • Workshop structure

    In this two-day workshop we will cover fundamentals of service design as applied to real-world contexts. 

    The workshops will cover important principles and tools of service design, embedded in a guiding design-driven innovation process. Having lots stimulating ‘aha-moments’ and ‘seeing the world in colour’ are typical experiences fed back by workshop.

  • Who should attend

    This two-day workshop is for anyone with an interest in learning about service design for innovation purposes, seeking to make a difference to customer (user) experiences. Covering core principles, processes and practices, this course includes a purposeful selection of design tools and methods, while contextualising these through examples and applications. The course covers a holistic process from understanding the problem space to moving through the solution space. Providing an initial overview of working like a designer, there will be continuous active involvement throughout the workshop. While a hands-on learning experience, no prerequisite knowledge required. 

  • Objectives

    Day one focuses on building the foundations of service design. This includes key service design principles and considerations for working like a designer. We will then work through a particular problem space, seeking to generate and prioritise contextually relevant insights. Day two focuses on reframing these insights and implications, seeking to collaboratively innovate and advance alternative solutions, considering ways to prototype or experiment with such. Throughout the two days, we will apply a variety of design tools and methods, while critically reflecting on their success factors and how service design can have a positive effect on new and established businesses.  

  • Outcomes

    This course supports you on your journey towards service design and builds a foundational understanding. In doing so, you will be challenged in your assumptions about innovation and walk away with an openness for designerly ways of working, combined with hands-on tools and methods. The course will help you recognise and enable the benefits of collaboration for innovation purposes, while stimulating your own creativity. Whether you are working as an entrepreneur on your own start-up or as an employee for an established organisation, you will learn about typical innovation mistakes and how service design can help your team break-free from day-to-day innovation barriers.  

  • Presenter

    Professor Ingo Karpen

    Ingo Karpen is Professor of Service and Strategic Design at Karlstad University, Sweden (Centre for Service Research) and The University of Adelaide, Australia (Adelaide Business School). As an internationally renowned researcher and educator, Ingo has won several awards for his research insights and ability to share these insights in a highly engaging way in workshops. Ingo is also a practicing strategic designer, co-editor of the book Strategic Design as well as (co)author of various research papers on service and strategic design.

    Given both his research on what makes design and designers successful, his ability to see strategic and operational implications, as well as his extensive practical experience across various business and organisation types, Ingo can speak with in-depth knowledge on matters design.


Course 2: Step in, Rise Up

Flowchart discussion

Research shows self-efficacy (self-belief), and resilience are essential components to achieving greater performance outcomes and leadership advancements. Yet, research also shows that these skills are severely lacking at all levels of leadership. 

This immersive one-day masterclass has been designed specifically for women leaders and leaders on the rise to help you to discover and embrace your unique leadership identity, improve your leadership resilience, and build your self-efficacy as a leader.

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  • Who should attend?

    Women leaders and leaders on the rise who:

    • Are dealing with the competing demands of work and life
    • Eager to develop as a leader, in a way that feels authentic to them
    • Want to install healthy boundaries and behaviours
    • Are keen to advance their career without sacrificing their health or happiness
    • Are dealing with stress or the issues arising from demands and challenges
    • Are looking to improve their overall wellbeing and relationship with self and others

    This event is excellent for individuals and ideal for teams and colleagues.

  • Objectives

    To help you build a confident leadership identity, upgrade your mindset and emotional management capabilities and achieve better work and life harmony.

    You will go on a journey of self-discover to reveal your foundational beliefs and values and build the skills to maintain stability in an ever-changing corporate landscape.

    You will discover your authenticity – what makes you unique as a leader – and build your self-confidence to clearly express yourself, your ideas and expectations.

  • Outcomes

    You will have the change to network and connect with other like-minded leaders and given the chance to collaborate in a supportive and empowering environment.

    You will begin the journey that will support you to:

    • Develop and internalize a leadership identity with a strong sense of purpose and deep connection to self
    • Install a new level of comfort zone
    • Enhance your self-belief and self-credibility
    • Confidently generate and express new ideas and decisions
    • Upgrade your leadership beliefs and gain clarity on your foundational values 
    • Overcome personal fears and insecurities - start to look at what is possible, challenge the status quo and take confident aligned action 
    • Clearly communicate your value and vision 
    • Discover what is driving your actions and behaviours and how you can influence or upgrade them to get even better results
    • Anchor leadership development in a sense of purpose rather than how you will be perceived
    • Connect with other like-minded individuals to support your leadership growth.
  • Presenter

    This Masterclass was designed and developed by corporate coach, Kate Krieg MBA who has been coaching individuals and corporates for almost a decade on leadership, strategy and behaviour change using neuroscience, neuropsychology and habit change methodologies. Kate’s workshops, programs and events have been successfully received with recognition globally. And her content continues to transform lives and reach global audiences through her programs and 5 star, highly rated Podcast – Deeply Connected.