PartnerX is a suite of professional growth programs powered by ThincLab. Designed as short workshops that provide immediate hands on, practical application. These workshops are opportunities for empowered learning, designed specifically to improve performance, motivation and entrepreneurial capacity.



You, Your Network, Linkedin & Accelerated Growth

This is not networking etiquette, this is high end strategic business growth! By understanding your network the opportunities within it & how you can fast track growth using Linkedin.

Undiscovered Gap

Did you know that 87% of business sits in people networks untapped! Opportunities are waiting for you hidden in plain sight.

Social Proofing

In this one day program we will share everyday examples of what happens when you know how to utilize your network effectively.

  • Find out how a single mum was able to find a potential joint venture partner for a $300 Million Russian Ski Resort, even though she didn't speak Russian and didn't know anyone in Russia, that had a payable success fee of $300,000 USD.
  • Learn how a young CEO grew his company from $1.1 Million Dollars to $25 Million in a few short years by utilizing his network and asking a few key questions.

We will also unpack Linkedin as a business tool for growth, by looking at:

  • The benchmarks of successful Linkedin profiles
  • Ways to search to find people & resources available to you
  • Creating connections and conversations on Linkedin to increase genuine opportunities
  • Workshop structure

    Key Strategies: This is a one day program that will teach you 4 key strategies to grow your business! It is not networking etiquette.

    Proven Case Studies: We will go through real life proven case studies and the steps to achieve them. For example, learn how a young CEO took his company from $1.1M to $25M in a few short years.

     Application & Routine:

    • Understanding how to ‘search’ on Linkedin to find who you need & grow your business
    • Improving your Linkedin Profile so that you are visible and credible
    • Networking in a Hybrid world for business on Linkedin
    • Linkedin conversations & systems for growth
    • Utilising existing resources within your network, filling gaps and giving you accelerated growth

    Dates TBA 

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  • Objectives

    • Discover new methods to find leads, opportunities and ways to open up new markets
    • Arm you with a strong set of tools and strategies that are simple to action
    • Help you create fast strategic growth
    • Utilise your network more effectively by knowing the 4 essential types of people and the 4 key questions to ask.
    • Understand how to use Linkedin as a business growth tool
  • Outcomes

    This program arms you with the tools and strategies to accelerate growth, overcome challenges faster, open new markets and find new leads by looking at your existing resources & networks both off/online with LinkedIn.

    You will walk away with confidence and an actionable new mindset with insights to leveraging the value of your network for growth.

    You will be able to identify valuable opportunities for yourself and take simple action through the use of the power of Linkedin as a business tool for seizing the right opportunity at the right time.

    Let’s take action and lead in accelerating your growth!

  • Who should attend?

    • Business owners
    • Entrepreneurs
    • Executives responsible for growth
    • Sales teams
    • Start-ups
    • Commercialisation units
  • Presenter

    Headshot of Sally

    Sally A Curtis has over 25 years of experience in marketing, business development & sales. She has worked within a variety of industries, along with many leading Australian & International entrepreneurs, helping them exponentially increase their growth, through innovative methods of planning, marketing and networking. Sally uses proven techniques to increase sales, leverage resources, build connections, and manage time effectively both on and offline!


Birdseye view of co-workers around a table with their laptops

Hungry for Growth; Does Culture Eat Strategy?

Legendary management consultant Peter Drucker said that ‘culture eats strategy for breakfast’, but that doesn’t mean culture and strategy are mutually exclusive. This interactive, one-day masterclass gives you the 101 on developing an effective strategy and leading a healthy culture that will enable your organisation to thrive.

  • Program structure

    This one day workshop is split into three sections; one focussing on effective strategy, another on maintaining a healthy culture and the third on understanding the synergies between these approaches.

    The workshop will explore theory and research as well as giving you practical tools that you can use in your workplace. You will also have opportunities to collaborate with other leaders, and pick the brains of two experts with unique specialisations.

    Workshop Dates TBA  

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  • Objectives

    The workshop will challenge the notion that strategy and culture are competing forces and demonstrate the power of synergy between these two fundamentals. You will discover practical tools, supported by evidence, to implement culture change via strategy and adapt strategy to culture.

    You will gain the knowledge, tools and confidence you need to lead with an effective strategy and healthy culture.

  • Outcomes

    You will leave with:

    • A range of flexible tools for creating effective, meaningful strategy
    • A range of approaches towards maintaining healthy workplace culture
    • An understanding of synergies between these contrasting approaches
    • An increased network of likeminded practitioners
  • Who should attend?

    Suitable for all industries, including:

    • Health / Care
    • Education
    • Engineering / Tech
    • Government
    • Arts / Community
    • Finance
    • Primary Resources

    Your Position

    • Director
    • C-Suite
    • Senior Manager - Team Leader
    • Employee
    • Entrepreneur

    Individuals and teams are welcome.

  • Presenter

    This masterclass is designed and led by James Bell and Paul Mayers.

    James Bell MBA, GAICD – Principal Consultant, Axilia Consulting Group

    James has over twenty years of leadership experience. The former Australian Ambassador to Sweden (ICAE, AAFC) On Her Majesty’s Service, his rich background includes military, CEO and Managing Director positions within established and start-up companies. James has developed a leadership style driven by innovation, cross-discipline synergies and contemporary thinking, building business and organisational excellence.


    Paul Mayers – Consultant, Facilitator, Coach

    Paul works with organisations to transform the way they operate, helping them to think big and achieve their ambitions, whilst maintaining their unique qualities. He has worked successfully across sectors and in a range of contexts, including IT Transformation, engineering, university & education, charity & not-for-profit, cultural and community. He is a fellow of the Governor's Leadership Foundation (FGLF 2020) and is studying a Masters in Management.


Lead yourself 

ThincLab are delighted to partner with Kate Krieg to offer this brand-new Masterclass: Lead Yourself - an evidence-based program of substance to help women leaders and leaders on the rise sharpen their self-leadership skills and learn how to integrate evidence based micro-practices that help them:        

  • Build their self-efficacy and emotional agility as a leader
  • Learn new skills to thrive in a culture of perpetual distractions and competing priorities
  • Connect and align to your inner leader to be more effective, productive and inspiring

This is one you won’t want to miss.

Workshop Dates TBA

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  • Program structure

    Day One: Connect to your Inner Leader

    Day One is a nourishing intensive, designed to deep dive into who you are to reveal the authentic, content, confident and inspiring leader you are at your core.

    You will go on a journey of self-awareness and learn evidence-based tools to build your resilience and significantly upgrade your emotional agility along the way.

    You will leave with a new set of micro-practices, tools, knowledge and skills that when applied will radically improve your relationship with yourself inspiring others to do the same.

    You can expect to:

    • build deep (often lacking) self-reflective skills to better lead yourself to a new level
    • learn evidence based micro-practices to easily and effectively deal with emotions like – overwhelm, fear, worry, stress, anxiety - often the driving force for our behaviours and cause of unproductivity, missed opportunities, low level performance and trivial actions
    • have a better understanding of the basics of brain science and habit psychology to strengthen your executive functioning and dial down your emotional and reactive brain
    • activate your Pre-frontal cortex to take charge of decision making, strategic thinking, courageous actions, higher order thinking and creativity
    • develop the self-coaching skills that support you acting in alignment with your values, upgraded beliefs and your leadership vision

    This session is centred on reflection and integration.   

    Day Two: Align to your leadership Vision

    Participants who attend Day One are able to attend the highly sought-after Day Two intensive.

    Day Two supports participants to lead with authenticity, awareness and confidence by revealing the distortions that may be undermining your leadership efforts, sabotaging your success or negatively influencing your overall wellbeing.

    Your self-efficacy as a leader will support you to set strong boundaries, act with integrity and feel confident, accountable and decisive.

    You can expect to:

    • reveal (often hidden) distortions in your thinking which is causing you to act, behave or make decisions out of alignment with your leadership vision
    • install healthy boundaries that gently support your identity, look after your wellbeing and protect your leadership efforts
    • discover how to increase your self-efficacy as a leader
    • learn how to self-assess your ideas, actions and decisions
    • develop your metacognitive skills to improve your performance
    • apply everyday habits and rituals to consistently achieve a high-level impact

    This session is centred on awareness and alignment.

  • Outcomes

    You will begin the journey that will support you to:

    • develop and internalize a leadership identity with a strong sense of purpose and deep connection to self
    • install a new level of comfort zone
    • enhance your self-belief and self-credibility
    • confidently generate and express new ideas and decisions
    • upgrade your leadership beliefs and gain clarity on your foundational values 
    • overcome personal fears and insecurities - start to look at what is possible, challenge the status quo and take confident aligned action 
    • clearly communicate your value and vision 
    • discover what is driving your actions and behaviours and how you can influence or upgrade them to get even better results
    • anchor your leadership development in a sense of purpose rather than how you will be perceived
    • connect with other like-minded individuals and be empowered to lead authentically.
  • Who should attend?

    This immersive and evidence based two-day masterclass has been designed specifically for women leaders and leaders on the rise who:

    • want to install healthy boundaries and behaviours
    • are keen to advance themselves without sacrificing their health or happiness
    • are eager to develop as a leader and an individual, in a way that feels authentic to them
    • are ready to lead with confidence, connect with authenticity and communicate with clarity
    • are overwhelmed with the competing demands of work and life
    • want to reduce reacting and learn how to make reflective and effective decisions
    • see value in giving themselves the time and space to reflect and install new ways of being to lead with greater integrity and awareness
    • are looking to develop and grow by learning new skills and insights
    • want to connect and network with other women leaders and leaders on the rise
  • Presenter

    Kate Krieg

    Kate Krieg MBA is the founder and author of Lead Yourself. As a high impactful and motivating speaker, life, business & leadership coach and former Executive of Marketing, her approach is not only practical and useful it is founded in evidence-based methodologies. Kate deeply connects with others and her approach is fun, engaging and empowering.

    Driven by the latest research in neuroscience and habit psychology, Kate encourages people to get deeply curious and deeply connected with who they are at their core, identify areas of misalignment, and inspire and support them to integrate tailored evidence-based practices to lead themselves to a whole new level.

    Kate works with individuals, teams and organisations and has helped hundreds of people Lead Themselves to become more effective, focused, confident, productive, peaceful and ultimately become their powerful, inspiring, authentic selves.