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ThincLab Châlons

Test your business idea or concept in the European market with ThincLab Châlons.

The University of Adelaide can assist your business to expand into Europe, via our business development incubator, ThincLab Châlons, France.

We understand the challenges business owners face when taking their business to the next stage of growth while managing its core operations in an ever-changing environment. When considering expansion into a new market, one of the key challenges faced is freeing up time and resources, and finding the necessary expertise to explore the viability of new market entry options.

Our entrepreneurship, innovation, and commercialisation programs supported by our ThincLab network and The Australian eChallenge have helped hundreds of start-ups and businesses achieve their goals, whether it be starting a business or developing existing business in new markets.

What can we do for your business?

Our team of business mentors on the ground in France can help you develop a business model for your intended new market segment in Europe. By using this approach, you can test and validate whether your idea will fly without the need to disrupt your life in Australia and take the focus off your core business.

Once your business model has been tested and validated, you are then able to decide whether to proceed and commit additional financial and other resources to commercially exploit the opportunity.

Our team in ThincLab Châlons can work with you to:

  • Iteratively and systematically develop a business model that assesses the fit between your product and the intended customer market segment, through a process of identifying, exploring, and validating alternate business models for your product/service or experience;
  • Gain access to one of the most beneficial areas to establish a business in Europe, offering a 5-year income tax exemption, up to 30% cash grants for asset investment, and reduced social employment taxes;
  • Investigate further sources of funding (government and private equity) that may be available to establishing your business in France;
  • Establish local and international connections in France and beyond.

How long does the business model development process take?  Do I need to relocate to France during this process?

Depending on the product or service, this process can typically occur over a 3-6 month period, and at the conclusion, you can decide if it is viable to invest further resources and set up your business in France. Should you decide to invest further, ThincLab Châlons can help you to set up and launch your business and to receive a 5-year tax-free period.

This is a flexible incubation program process and you are not required to relocate to France. It can be achieved through a combination of face-to-face sessions in France should businesses decide to travel; along with video, teleconferencing and other electronic communication. Additionally, some local resources are available by way of final year French university students who work as interns in the incubator. These interns are under guidance of our mentors and work under your direction to develop your business model.

Should you wish to make a one-off visit, or regular visits to France, you will have access to state-of-the-art office facilities, meeting rooms, private workstations and all necessary connectivity in ThincLab Châlons. In addition, our “Concierge” service will ensure you have a “soft landing” in Châlons, such as helping you find suitable accommodation in the local area.


For all enquiries please contact the team based in Adelaide:

Telephone: +61 8 8313 7422
ThincLab Chalons Projects
International Incubator Manager