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We are now seeking applications from both Australian businesses and French businesses who would like to be a part of ThincLab Châlons and take advantage of a generous 5 year tax free period.

Successful applicants will be required to cover all costs associated with travel and relocation to France, as well as all business set-up and running costs.  Rental charges apply.

For all enquiries, please email Eloise Leaver at or phone directly on 0400 565 497.

ThincLab Châlons Expressions of Interest

Business Parnter(s) (if applicable)
Business Partner 1
Business Partner 2
Business Partner 3
Do you have employees?
Is your company registered?
Business Description
How is your business better than the competition?
Is there any intellectual property associated with your idea?

Trade secrets, copyrights, patents.
Will you be in the position to employ a French intern to work in your business?