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Phostech Reality

Chris George

Chris George

Coding his own 'reality'

Something big is coming. Soon, perhaps in no more than two years’ time, a technological tipping point will be reached. Our society will shift, en masse, from hand-held smartphones to wearable, mixed-reality devices. Futurists call it the Fourth Wave. ThincLab tenant Chris George calls it his time.

A 2016 graduate of the University of Adelaide’s Bachelor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Chris is founder and director of Phostech, an Adelaide-based production company specialising in the development of mixed-reality applications.

Our major focus is developing our own hands-free digital interface for wearable, mixed-reality headsets,
says Chris.
Phostech Reality

“The mixed-reality market’s only just starting to sprout now, so we’re working really hard to ensure our product’s ready to be the first go-to platform consumers use in their everyday lives when demand really ramps up in around 18 to 24 months.

“We’re currently testing it with one of the first headsets on the market for the iPhone, and will continue to test it on other mixed-reality headsets expected to launch in the months to come, including one from Apple.”

As part of its push for market leadership, Chris says Phostech will do everything it can to attract interest in its platform in the technology world’s most iconic precinct, California’s Silicon Valley.

“We’ve just secured round-two ‘angel’ funding and increased our venture evaluation to half a million dollars, so that we can really start pitching the Valley in earnest.”

While waiting for the mixed-reality wave to reach the shore, Phostech is also honing its skills building bespoke technology platforms for clients ranging from start-ups to corporates; and Chris works part-time as a developer with fellow ThincLab tenant Sean Grealy, and his company, Hestia.

Like all entrepreneurs, he extracts every possible ounce of productivity from every day, yet remains remarkably full of energy. So how does he do it?

“There’s a real adrenaline rush that comes with starting a company,” he enthuses. “But I think another thing that keeps me moving forward is my cultural roots.

I’m an Indian student who came to Australia to pursue my dreams in 2013. I come from a middle class family, with parents who pushed me to dream bigger, work harder—and sleep less—to make my vision a reality.
Phostech Reality

Now four years, one degree, one breakthrough funding round and countless hours of casual work later, here I am with my own company.

Another vital ingredient, he adds, is working in the right environment. “Being in ThincLab is a huge advantage. Sharing space with so many innovative companies drives us to keep pushing ourselves and keeps us at the tip of progress.

“Such a prime location on North Terrace is also great for branding, and marketing ourselves to clients.”

When that Fourth Wave arrives don’t be surprised to see Phostech carving it up.