Complaints Mailbox

The University complaints mailbox provides the University community an alternative pathway to report sexual assault, sexual harassment and other inappropriate behaviour.

Staff and students can access the mailbox by emailing 

It is important to know that sexual misconduct is never the fault of the person who experienced it. If you have experienced sexual harassment or sexual assault, there are services available to support you.

The complaints@adelaide mailbox is designed to make it easier for victims to make a complaint.  It is a temporary email address made available while the University is redesigning its reporting and support policies and procedures, and because staff and students provided feedback that navigating the existing pathways was unclear and difficult.

The University also has a Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment Information Network (SASHIN) for students and a Fair Treatment Contact Officer Network (FTCO) for staff. These networks of staff across the University give students or staff information about their options relating to support services and reporting processes.

Similarly, Safer Campus Community staff are experienced in providing an immediate response to students who have experienced sexual harassment or sexual assault. They can provide information about the services available and assist you to access the support you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the mailbox?

    This mailbox was set up following the release of the ICAC Public Statement in August 2020 based on feedback from staff and students that they were experiencing difficulty identifying paths for reporting sexual misconduct and other inappropriate behaviour to the University.

    The mailbox is a temporary solution to help overcome the navigation difficulties identified in the feedback. It provides a single point of contact for anyone who wants to make a complaint or to ask for information on options if you are not sure what to do.

  • How do you access it?

    You can access the mailbox by emailing  

  • Who may use it? Who is it for?

    The email may  be used by anyone in the University community, including current and former students and staff, titleholders, alumni, and volunteers.

  • Who sees my email?

    The mailbox is monitored by a small team of three people in the Legal and Risk Branch. Emails are read to determine to which area they should be directed and who should respond to them, rather than what the response should be. 

    Emails to the mailbox are referred on to the appropriate area within the University (HR, Student Affairs, Student Counselling) as a priority.

  • Who will the information be shared with?

    Emails sent to this mailbox will be referred to the appropriate area within the University (HR, Student Affairs, Student Counselling).

    An email may trigger mandatory reporting requirements to Police where a victim or complainant is under 18, or the complaint involves a vulnerable person.

    If a complaint involves potential criminal conduct (such as sexual assault) it must be reported to the Office of Public Integrity (OPI).

  • What if I only want advice on a situation, or to find out what my options are?

    You can still email your issue to even if you are not sure what you want to do. Please include information about what assistance you are seeking because that will help to direct your email to the appropriate area within the University (HR, Student Affairs, Student Counselling).

  • What if I am not ready to make a complaint?

    You may not want to make a complaint. You may want only to register an incident or to get advice about your options, or to access support.

    If you are not sure about what you would like to do, please feel free to email so that we can direct you to the appropriate area or person within the University to help you learn about and consider your options. 

    Staff can also contact a member of the HR Advisory team or the Fair Treatment Contact Officers.

    Information and support options for students are outlined in detail on the Safer Campus Community website.

  • I’d prefer to speak to someone first. Who can I talk to?

    We acknowledge that the impacts and experience of SASH/sexual misconduct can be far reaching. The University is committed to making information and/or support available to you or others you may be supporting within the University community. 

    For staff 

    For information on options available to you if you feel you or others have been discriminated against, experienced or witnessed any form of sexual misconduct or bullying, you can discuss this with your line manager or supervisor, or contact a Fair Treatment Contact Officer (FTCO). Further information on what an FTCO is can be found on the HSW webpage.

    For immediate support, you may want to engage with your line manager or supervisor. You can also access confidential counselling support through the University's Employee Assistance Program

    For students 

    Information and support for students are outlined in detail on the Safer Campus Community website.

    Within the broader community 

    Lifeline  and BeyondBlue  offer 24/7 crisis support by phone, text and online chat. 

    Additional programs available include:

    Yarrow Place (a service for anyone who has been sexually assaulted)

    Uniting Communities (an inclusive not-for-profit organisation that provides respectful, accessible services, supporting people to overcome adversity and disadvantage)

    If this is an emergency, please use the appropriate emergency contacts.

  • Can a matter be reported to SAPOL without my consent?

  • What happens once my email has been received?

    Legal & Risk will direct the email to the appropriate area within the University (HR, Student Affairs, Student Counselling). 

    When the email is received by the appropriate area, the next steps will depend on the nature of the matter you have raised. For example, you will be contacted by Human Resources if your complaint is about the conduct of a current staff member or titleholder. If your complaint is about the conduct of a current student, you will be contacted by Student Affairs. If you are a student who would like support from Student Counselling, and have provide your contact details, you will be contacted by Student Counselling.

    The conduct complained about might result in the University initiating disciplinary proceedings. If the action might be criminal conduct, this may mean it is required to be reported to the Police or the Office of Public Integrity. 

  • Where can I find counselling support?

    The Safer Campus Community website explains the support available to students.

    Confidential and free counselling support is provided to staff by the University’s independent Employee Assistance Program (EAP) providers.

    All support services provided by the University are LGBTIQ inclusive. You can find out more about how the University supports its LGBTIQ community members.