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STARSS Vaccination Surveillance Study

  • About STARSS - The first large-scale e-health study of vaccine survelliance in Australia
  • Become a STARSS Site - Mother and child with doctor.
  • Information for participants - doctor talking with patient
  • How do vaccines work? Test tubes in a laboratory

STARSS ("Stimulated Telephone-Assisted Rapid Safety Surveillance") is a clinical study evaluating an advanced system which finds out in real-time when people visit a doctor, nurse or hospital or call Health Direct for health advice after they receive a vaccine.

True real-time vaccine safety surveillance means monitoring vaccine safety from the moment the vaccine is administered.

For the first time in Australia, the STARSS system makes true real-time safety surveillance a reality. STARSS finds out when people seek health advice after a vaccination, which will help develop strategies to improve the safety of vaccines.

How to Become a STARSS Investigator For GPs and nurses: eligibility to apply for 40 category 1 QI and CPD points and nurse CPD programs.

Information for Prospective and Current Participants Find out what the Study involves, or access information for prospective and current participants.

STARSS Research Team Meet the STARSS researchers, which include some of the most highly regarded Australian experts in vaccines.

How do Vaccines Work? An easy guide to understand what vaccines and immunisation are and how they work.

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