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Fight / Flight Response

To explain anxiety a little more it can be useful to understand the 'Fight/ Flight' response and to know that in fact a third behavioural option exists - to 'Freeze'.

When anxious, the prefrontal cortex part of the brain effectively gets turned off. This is the part of the brain that regulates emotion and allows us to rationally plan and make judgements. With this section of our brain impaired we are functioning in a more primitive way and this is the 'fight-flight-freeze' response.

It tells us basically that we have the option to either:

  • Fight our way out of a situation
  • Flight - run away from the situation
  • Freeze - hope we become invisible

Without the ability to plan, it is very hard to just 'pull yourself together' or 'snap out of things'. Visit the Stress page for more information.

Manage Anxiety

Take a look at our top tips to learn to manage anxiety so your brain and body do not react so quickly or in such a 'dramatic' way.

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