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Students sometimes ask us if we can 'make them motivated' and for this reason it is worth looking at motivation separately.

Firstly if we - as counsellors - could make anyone motivated easily, we definitely would; however there is no magic. Having said that it isn't complicated for you to get motivated - it just requires some clear thinking.

Waiting for Motivation

Virtually no one feels motivated about difficult tasks and everyone will at some stage struggle to get started on something. The problem is when people wait for the motivation to 'kick in'. What actually happens is that motivation can follow action.

This concept can be applied to your study. If you get on with it, the enjoyment and reward will follow. Everyone feels happy when they have completed a task, particularly if the task was difficult.


Planning comes into the equation too. You need to establish clearly and regularly what you want to achieve.

Make this reasonable and balance it against other life tasks you have to complete. Don't make things overwhelming, and change your timetable if you need to, as you progress.

Do not make the planning process a problem - set aside some time each week to review your tasks and plan ahead. Seeing that you are making progress will help to keep you on track and feeling motivated.


Do you have goals in relation to your study and work? Maybe not, and if you are enjoying what you're doing and making good progress - stick with it! If however you're not enjoying your study, or you feel worried about where things may be going, perhaps establishing some goals and working on these with a councellor, student advisor or career counsellor could help.


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