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Body Bits

Really thriving means that you are looking after your body and, in turn, your brain.

Looking after your body involves:

  • rest
  • exercise
  • proper breaks
  • simple sensual pleasures.
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Your Body & Brain

The brain is part of your body, so for it to work well it needs oxygen and glucose and a good blood supply. That means breathing, eating, exercising.

The body also constantly recalibrates itself towards different levels of stress and tension. It is easy to get more and more stressed without really noticing it - it just becomes the ‘norm', until it reaches a certain point. Relaxation techniques can help to feel better.

Stimulation & Meditation

As with stress, it is easy to get more and more stimulated by things like technology. Meditation, with a simple focus in a quiet environment, allows a recalibration of sensations and can help you feel more stimulated.

The Raisin Experiment

One meditation experiment is to place a raisin on your tongue and hold it in your mouth for several minutes, giving it your full attention, before slowly chewing it, again for a minute or more before swallowing. People get a bit surprised by how much interest and pleasure there is in one raisin.

Top Tips

Take a look at some of our top tips to help you look after your body.


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