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This is the sense of being fully absorbed in a task, in what are called 'flow states'.

In flow states, we are fully engaged in the task at hand and our usual sense of self-consciousness drops completely away.

When studying, if the subject is one you enjoy and the level of challenge is at the level at which you get fully absorbed, using your skills and knowledge, then these flow states occur, and study is enjoyable and satisfying.

You might also have other things which give this sense of enjoyment, such as hobbies, sport or artistic creativity.

If you are interested in something, you will focus on it, and if you focus attention on anything, it is likely that you will become interested in it. Many of the things we find interesting are not so by nature, but because we took the trouble of paying attention to them. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Finding Flow: The Psychology Of Engagement With Everyday Life Link to external website.

How to Find Your Flow State

To help you find your 'flow state' and engage in what you are doing, you can:



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