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Top Tips

Here are our top tips to having a meaningful life.

  • Birthday speech

    One simple place to start is to imagine that in ten years time you had everyone who is close to you present at you birthday. Someone is giving a speech about you. What would like them to say about what sort of person you are, what they like most about you, and what you have accomplished over the last decade? It helps to give this some time and write down the key words.

  • Areas of meaning

    Think of different areas of your life - study, family, relationship, friendships, kids if you have them, health, spirituality, sports, arts and so on. Which areas are most important to you? Write them down, then think about how your values are being lived in each area.

  • Values in action
  • Team up

    Think of the people you know who you think share most of your values. If you were more open about naming your values and talking about them to these people what might you do more of together?

  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)

    There is a model of therapy called Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. The basic idea is to accept what you are now and where you are now, and to commit to living a life according to your values. A good website that puts forward more information on this is 'The Happiness Trap Link to external website' by Dr Russ Harris. If you are interested, you can explore it further.


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