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Student Associations

Adelaide Veterinary Students Association (AVSA)

The Adelaide Veterinary Students Association (AVSA) was founded by the first cohort of veterinary students at the University of Adelaide, in 2008.

The club has been designed specifically for undergraduate veterinary bioscience, and graduate Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) students to promote and maintain student welfare by organising and funding events, in addition to purchasing equipment and facilitating interaction with the wider veterinary community. The principles of the club are to encourage cohesion between new and continuing students across the year levels, and to provide an outlet for socialisation and learning outside of the academic field. AVSA aims for its students  to become involved in the club and its activities, and to always represent the club in a positive and honest manner.

Membership fee is $30 per student annually, and upon joining, members receive a membership bag and card. Membership offers many things including discounted events and merchandise, as well as a number of other discounts provided by affiliated sponsor companies. Social events include a pub crawl with the animal science students, a mid-year ball, as well as O'Week activities at Roseworthy. Other events include an Industry Night, with trade stalls from different veterinary-associated companies, and sponsored “Lunch and Learns”, where a speaker will address the students at lunch time, on a topic of the sponsoring company’s choice. As our student body continues to grow, AVSA’s role becomes ever more important and will hopefully become an integral part of the veterinary student’s education at the University of Adelaide.

Roseworthy Agricultural College Student Union Council (RACSUC)

The Roseworthy Agricultural College Student Union Council (RACSUC) is a representative body for all students of the Roseworthy Campus. Elected by their peers, the council provides services such as a student lounge and gymnasium as well as regular events & activities throughout the academic year, focusing upon Roseworthy Campus and surrounding areas.

New residents are introduced to life on campus through O'Week, held at the beginning of the academic year, while other highlights of the RACSUC event calendar include the annual Waite and Roseworthy inter-campus football match, O-Ball and the second semester Charity Ball, these events providing a welcome break for past and present students alike.

Students are welcome to contact the association with suggestions or for more information via the email: or find us on facebook.

Roseworthy Animal Science and Postgraduate Students’ Society

The Roseworthy Animal Science and Postgraduate Society (RAPS) is a newly formed club and aims to support Animal Science undergraduate and postgraduate students. As we are a new club we are always interested in new ideas and ways to support students and hope to help students feel welcome and supported at Roseworthy.

We have had several past social events including BBQs, a movie night, pancake breakfast and postgraduate lunches. We also support Animal Science students with information talks about upcoming courses and career options. RAPS has also helped with the Animal Science Careers night, with several industry and academic speakers attending. We have also supported postgraduate students in 3 minute thesis day and research poster days with assessments and awards for students.

RAPS would like to continue to build at Roseworthy and are always looking for new ideas and students to carry on support of Animal Science students.

Special Interest Groups

The Roseworthy Campus is the base of many student-oriented Special Interest Groups.

The groups listed below are run by students with an interest in a particular group of animals. Some groups are restricted in their ‘membership’ whereas others are open to all students that study at Roseworthy. For contact details about each group, please contact the Student Services Officer.

  • AWAG – The Adelaide Wildlife Appreciation Group

    For all those students out there with a passion for wildlife, we’re the group for you! We run a selection of wildlife related talks, field trips and even hands-on dissections and practicals, to give our members a deeper understanding and appreciation of all things wildlife. Every year we tee-up some fantastic talks and events including movie nights and lectures from leading wildlife vets. Watch out for our annual wine and cheese night! Membership is open to all Roseworthy students and includes access to all lectures, workshops and member-only fieldtrips. If you’re as excited about wildlife as we are then come and see us at our O’Week stall. If you want more info contact us on the AWAG email:

  • CASIG- Companion Animal Special Interest Group

    The Companion Animal Special Interest Group was officially founded in December 2013 by a group of Veterinary Science students at the University of the Adelaide.

    Our aim is to provide interested individuals an education in canine, feline and pocket pet care, beyond that offered within the University teaching framework. We envisage this occurring primarily through three avenues: extra-curricular lectures given by current members of the field (both visiting and University staff), wet/practical laboratory sessions and field trips. This group is open to all students studying Animal Science and Veterinary Science as well as all staff members.

  • ESIG - Equine Special Interest Group

    Our special interest group aims to provide students with a passion for all aspects of equine veterinary medicine, behaviour and welfare increased opportunities to expand and develop their knowledge and skills. We aim to provide networking between both staff and students and organise extracurricular activities that are of an equine nature. In previous years we have run events that include A Day at the Races at Morphettville Race Track, Rural Practice Day, Castration Clinics, Hoof Care Day and many more. These events have also been run in conjunction with a variety of academic discussions and lectures with experienced equine veterinarians and industry professionals.

  • PASIG – Production Animal Special Interest Group

    The Production Animal Special Interest Group (PASIG), formerly the Bovine Special Interest Group, is aimed at students with an interest in one or many aspects of production animals including cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, chicken and fish. The group aims to encourage students from all years of study, degrees (Veterinary Science, Animal Science and Agricultural Science) and experience to be involved.

    The Production Animal SIG intends to provide students with the opportunity to network with a broad range of production veterinarians, farmers and companies associated within each industry. We hope to provide a broad range of lunchtime, evening and weekend information and practical sessions on the varying species relating to nutrition, husbandry and common diseases and problems associated with each species. Activities in the past have included lunch time talks, teaching cow sessions and Rural Practice Day.

  • PCSIG - Pig Club Special Interest Group

    The University of Adelaide's "Pig Club" is a special interest group which focuses solely on, you guessed it, pigs! Pig Club aims to provide a fun and social environment for students of all degrees and year levels, with a passion for pigs, to learn more about them and gain valuable hands on experience. The club provides students with numerous opportunities to network and learn about the pig industry through lunchtime information sessions, farm visits and numerous social events. Students also participate in caring for and training pigs approaching the Royal Adelaide Show, and are encouraged to attend weekly training sessions to further their knowledge and skills in a fun, interactive and supportive environment.

  • Steers Special Interest Group

    The Roseworthy Lead Steers team is a group that has been run at Roseworthy for the past 20 years. Led by Darren Koopman, the group focuses of the rearing, handling, nutrition, preparation and showing of show cattle. The group participates traditionally in the Gawler and Royal Adelaide shows and holds training twice a week in preparation for these events. A variety of breeds are supplied by local breeders. This group offers a great opportunity to people with any level of experience with cattle to learn and gain experience and is a great way to meet new people. Anyone from Animal science, Veterinary Bioscience or Agricultural science is more than welcome to come and try it out.

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