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Production Animal Health Team (PAHT)

Production animals include aquaculture, cattle, sheep, goats, deer, camelids, pigs and poultry.

There are close working relationships with commercial and research farming operations based at the Roseworthy Campus and in the surrounding area.


The PAHT is responsible for the teaching of production animal health in the B.Sc (Animal Science), B.Sc (Veterinary Bioscience) and post-graduate Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degrees.


The PAHT members are research active with a focus on animal health and productivity in a number of species, and collaborate with numerous research groups including the HIAP CRC (The pork CRC)Australia Pork, Poultry CRC, Australian Egg CorpPig and Poultry Production Institute, SARDI Livestock Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA).


The PAHT is responsible for the Production Animal Health Centre which is based at the Roseworthy Campus. This Centre operates a mobile production animal veterinary service, a referral clinic (due to open in 2012) and consultancy services on request.

Links to the PAHT profiles are given below.

Prof Peter Cockcroft

Research focus: Rumen health, colostral immunoglobulins and disease surveillance, clinical informatics.

Prof Kym Abbott

Research focus: tbc.

Assoc Prof Roy Kirkwood

Research focus: Sow herd management, sow infertility, neonatal piglet health and survival, rational antibiotic usage.

Dr Kapil Chousalkar

Research focus Poultry bacterial and viral diseases, Egg production, quality and safety, developmental biology.

Dr James Munro

Research focus: Bacteriophage mediated virulence and bacteriophage therapy, impacts of pathogen on naïve host, aquatic health management.

Dr Will van Wettere

Research focus: Reproductive physiology and endocrinology, sow reproduction and management, seasonal breeding patterns, neonatal piglet survival.

Dr Mandi Carr

Research focus: beef cattle herd health, management and productivity including financial sustainability and beef cattle intestinal parasites.

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