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Pathobiology, Public and Population Health

The Veterinary Pathobiology, Public and Population health team is a strong multidisciplinary group that incorporates experts in Veterinary Public Health, Animal Welfare and Ethics, Biosecurity, Wildlife Health Management and Conservation, and Veterinary Epidemiology. The members of this team share the common objective of securing a healthy interaction between the public and animals.

Veterinary Public Health has been defined by FAO/WHO/OIE as "the sum of all contributions to the physical, mental and social well-being of humans through an understanding and application of veterinary science". Veterinary Public Health thus embraces the following areas of knowledge: diagnosis, surveillance, epidemiology, control, prevention and elimination of zoonoses and of diseases that threaten food security and social cohesion; protection of food (including meat and milk) for human consumption; food and meat science; environmental protection; animal welfare standards; and the social and behavioural aspects of human-animal interactions.

  • Pathobiology

    The Pathobiology team consists of three pathologists, Dr Milton McAllister, one of two specialists in Anatomic pathology, who is also well known for his research interests into the life cycle of Neospora caninum. Dr Lucy Woolford is another North American boarded specialist with interests into the diseases of wildlife. Dr Stephen Pyecroft has joined the team from Tasmania, where he was leading aspects of the research into Tasmanian Devil Facial Tumour disease.

    The team also includes Dr Farhid Hemmatzadeh, a veterinary virologist with a special interest in Avian Influenza; Prof Darren Trott, a veterinary microbiologist with interests in gut flora in laminitis, and coliform adhesion to tissues and MRSA and finally Dr Ryan O'Handley, a veterinary parasitologist with a keen interest in cryptosporidia, Giardia and Toxoplasmosis.

  • Public and Population Health

    The Animal Welfare and Ethics expert in the team is Dr Alex Whittaker who is a European veterinary specialist in Animal Welfare, Ethics and Law. She has a special interest in comparative medicine and the role of ethics and regulation as applied to all aspects of animal use. Her research interests lie in animal welfare assessment and investigation of practical applications to refine routine husbandry and procedures applied to animals.

    Dr Wayne Boardman is a wildlife veterinarian who has worked in conservation programs, zoos and the wildlife field for many years. His main area of interest relates to wildlife disease ecology, conservation medicine, emerging infectious diseases of wildlife and veterinary biosecurity.

    Dr Charles Caraguel is a veterinarian and epidemiologist who focuses his interest into the health management of animal populations. He likes to develop and assess methodologies to detect and measure diseases in populations to, ultimately, enhance the prevention and the control of the targeted diseases. Charles' favourite field of application is the fast growing aquaculture industry in which he focuses most of his research.

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