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Reproduction and Genetics

The Reproduction and Genetics Group has research interests in the basic scientific aspects of both reproduction and genetics of livestock species.

A common theme is the role of fetal programming and development on the lifetime performance of animals. However, the group has a wide range of research projects encompassing reproduction efficiency and embryo development in sheep, cattle and pigs as well as the molecular genetics of production traits in sheep, cattle and goats.

The team has expertise in many areas, including Reproductive Physiology (Dr Will van Wettere), Embryology and Reproductive Biotechnology (Dr Karen Kind), Quantitative Genetics (Prof. Wayne Pitchford), Epigenetics and Conservation of Animal Genetic Resources (Prof. Stefan Hiendleder). The Reproduction and Genetics Group is responsible for teaching reproduction, genetics, breeding, biotechnology and livestock production for the B.Sc (Animal Science), B.Sc. (Veterinary Bioscience) and B. Ag. Science degree programs.

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