Student Support

Student support volunteer programs are an integral part of students' university life.

Student support volunteers can make a real difference to the quality of life of new students who are settling into University, by way of mentoring them or helping international students to settle into their life in Adelaide.

Below is a comprehensive list of student support volunteering opportunities available for alumni. Make sure you read the 'Who can apply?' section of each role before applying.

  • Career Mentor to students

    Do you remember what it was like to start your first job out of University? The challenges, the highlights and the lessons learned since then. This is your chance to share that knowledge. Help students prepare for their career – be a career mentor.


    Your role will be to facilitate the development of your mentees, based on their needs, by acting as a resource, adviser or coach based on their needs. Participation is based on both your availability and students' requirements.

    Who can apply?

    We welcome expressions of interest from all industry professionals, of all experience areas, levels and personal backgrounds. You can be based in Adelaide, interstate or overseas. You do not have to be an alumnus of the University to be involved.

    Does this position interest you?

    Please contact Career Services at or visit the mentoring website for further information.

  • Communication role-play for Dental Patient Volunteer Program

    PLEASE NOTE:  NO dental treatment or specific dental health advice is provided as part of this program.

    The Adelaide Dental School Volunteer Patient Program involves members of the public helping our undergraduate students learn the critical skill of effective patient communication. The program is part of the communication skills course in both the Bachelor of Dental Surgery and Bachelor of Oral Health degrees.

    Good communication skills are a vital part of being a good dentist or oral health therapist. Dentists and oral health therapists need to be able to communicate well with their patients for many reasons, such as to:

    • obtain sufficient and accurate information from patients about their dental and oral health
    • sensitively explain to patients the results of an examination, or about possible prevention or treatment requirements
    • effectively educate patients about how to care for their own dental and oral health
    • reassure patients feeling anxious about their dental treatment.

    This is why, as a volunteer helping to prepare our students to eventually interact with real dental patients, you’ll be providing an extremely valuable service to your community.


    • participate in communication role-plays, this could involve the student asking you a series of questions; pretending to teach you about oral health; or pretending to help you cope with dental anxiety
    • provide feedback to students about your 'patient experience'
    • attend training and induction sessions which will provide you with guidelines on how to respond and all sessions are supervised by staff who provide guidance for students throughout
    • adhere to the University's Volunteer Policy and Procedures

    Who can apply?

    Applicants can be students, alumni, staff or public, who have an interest in supporting students. Applicants must have excellent communication skills, and be reliable, punctual and committed. Please note information and training sessions are held in late July, and teaching sessions run in August, September and October. Sessions are held on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, generally from 12.45 pm – 4.00 pm, although occasionally sessions may end at 5.00 pm.

    Does this position interest you?

    Applications for this volunteer role are currently closed. For further information please contact 

  • Connections Mate for English Language Centre (ELC) Volunteer Program

    The Connections Mate Volunteer acts as a leader and chaperone to enhance ‘student experience’ and provide authentic ‘social connections’ between international students studying at the University of Adelaide’s English Language Centre (ELC) who have registered their interest to participate with the ELC Connections Program at either internal or external events organised by the ELC. 


    • Must be in attendance with students at all times for the duration of an event or activity.
    • Ensure students arrive at the specified location on time, through the appropriate transportation. 
    • Ensure students return safely to the designated location upon completion of an event or activity. 
    • Be reliable and commit, when indicated, to the duties and times required.
    • Timely communication if you cannot commit to an event anymore due to unforeseen circumstances. 

    Who can apply?

    Applicants can be students, alumni, staff or members of the public with a good standard of spoken English, a clear voice and good listening skills. Knowledge of local area and attractions is beneficial. An ability to interact with people from diverse backgrounds and age groups.

    Does this position interest you?

    Please complete the intercultural program volunteer registration form or contact Hung Dao, ELC Student Services Officer at


  • Talking with Aussies volunteer

    The Talking With Aussies program helps international students improve their conversational English skills. Volunteers come from a range of age groups and backgrounds, and include students, retirees and working professionals.


    • To meet with students on a regular basis (approximately one hour per week)
    • To foster students’ language development, for example: communicating with confidence, pronunciation, and Aussie slang. This will be of a general nature; the program is not a tutoring or editing service
    • To engage in a range of conversation topics which may help the student become more familiar with Australian customs and culture

    Who can apply?

    Applicants should have the ability to interact with people from diverse backgrounds and age groups with a patient and friendly manner. Students, staff, alumni and public can volunteer for this position.

    Does this position interest you?

    Please view the volunteer information pamphlet, and then complete the expression of interest form. For any questions, please contact the TWA Program Coordinator at