Other Opportunities

Didn't quite find what you were looking for? The university's volunteer program is very diverse and not all volunteer roles fit within the categories listed.

View the list below to see what other volunteering opportunities you might be interested in. Make sure you read the "Who can apply?" section of each role before applying.

  • Character role-play for History Program at Urrbrae House (Waite Campus)

    This interactive schools program for primary students is run on Wednesday mornings at the Waite Historic Precinct during school term. This program immerses primary school students into the recreated world of 1892. Our volunteers contribute by developing a character through role-play and costumes to help recreate the past for the children. 


    • lead children through various activities
    • role-play characters from the 1890s
    • dress in period costumes from the 1890s
    • adhere to the Child Safety Protection Policy and Code of Conduct
    • undertake required training and screenings for the role

    Who can apply?

    Applicants can be students, alumni, staff or members of the public. Volunteers must have an interest in history and enjoy working with children. Volunteers must also have excellent communication skills, be reliable, punctual and committed to the program. Please note that the program runs every Wednesday morning during school term. This is a long term volunteer role and requires a working with children check before commencement. 

    Does this position interest you?

    Please visit the Waite Historic Precinct, Urrbrae House Primary School History Program website.

  • Communication role-play for Dental Patient Volunteer Program

    PLEASE NOTE:  NO dental treatment or specific dental health advice is provided as part of this program.

    The Adelaide Dental School Volunteer Patient Program involves members of the public helping our undergraduate students learn the critical skill of effective patient communication. The program is part of the communication skills course in both the Bachelor of Dental Surgery and Bachelor of Oral Health degrees.

    Good communication skills are a vital part of being a good dentist or oral health therapist. Dentists and oral health therapists need to be able to communicate well with their patients for many reasons, such as to:

    • obtain sufficient and accurate information from patients about their dental and oral health
    • sensitively explain to patients the results of an examination, or about possible prevention or treatment requirements
    • effectively educate patients about how to care for their own dental and oral health
    • reassure patients feeling anxious about their dental treatment.

    This is why, as a volunteer helping to prepare our students to eventually interact with real dental patients, you’ll be providing an extremely valuable service to your community.


    • participate in communication role-plays, this could involve the student asking you a series of questions; pretending to teach you about oral health; or pretending to help you cope with dental anxiety
    • provide feedback to students about your 'patient experience'
    • attend training and induction sessions which will provide you with guidelines on how to respond and all sessions are supervised by staff who provide guidance for students throughout
    • adhere to the University's Volunteer Policy and Procedures

    Who can apply?

    Applicants can be students, alumni, staff or public, who have an interest in supporting students. Applicants must have excellent communication skills, and be reliable, punctual and committed. Please note information and training sessions are held in late July, and teaching sessions run in August, September and October. Sessions are held on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, generally from 12.45 pm – 4.00 pm, although occasionally sessions may end at 5.00 pm.

    Does this position interest you?

    Applications for this volunteer role are currently closed. For further information please contact volunteer@adelaide.edu.au 

  • Fossil collection curator with School of Biological Sciences

    The Fossil Curation Volunteer Group forms part of the School for Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. Volunteers assist with curation of the Maslin Bay Fossil collection. Tasks include examination of rocks from fossil collections and identifying specimens.


    • examine rocks from fossil collections for all identifiable fossils
    • image and database fossils
    • identify specimens
    • undertake training in fossil examination and image capture techniques and specimen identification techniques

    Who can apply?

    Applicants can be students, alumni, staff or members of the public, who have an interest in curation/paleobotany. Applicants must have excellent communication skills, and be reliable, punctual and committed. 

    Does this position interest you?

    Please contact Professor Bob Hill, Director of Environment Institute at bob.hill@adelaide.edu.au 

  • University Library Volunteer - applications closed

    University Library support and encourage everyone to participate in the art and cultural activities of the University. A volunteer group has been established to assist in further developing all aspects of the library.


    • Ability to learn digitising techniques
    • Be able to handle material with care
    • Demonstrate attention to detail
    • Maintain confidentiality of any sensitive material

    Who can apply?

    Applicants can be current students, alumni, staff or public with an interest in art and heritage collections with computer skills in Microsoft Word, Excel and Access. Volunteer group runs every Tuesday and Thursday morning, however volunteer roles are limited.

    Does this position interest you?

    Applications are currently closed.