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Friends' Biological Surveys of the Reserve

Periodically surveys are carried out of mammals, reptiles and birds, systematically sampling each of the 14 vegetation communities in the Reserve.

Please see below for reports:

The Big Picture

One of the great challenges of our era is to preserve what remains of our natural heritage. In order to do this we must control introduced plants and animals which compete with indigenous species. This requires unending, labour intensive work. If this work is not done, the alternative is bleak.

Currently there is not enough funding to control feral animals and the "advancing wall of weeds" in our parks and reserves. This is why the work of volunteers is vital for the survival of remnant bushland. Limited funding for the Reserve to date has come from a variety of sources but more is needed to continue the essential work.

Funds are spent on supplies of equipment, paid labour for the most arduous or specialist tasks, signage and trail guides.

To attract secure funding the Reserve needs the support of an active Friends group. Friends land-care groups have proven to be the best way to attract assistance from Local Councils, Government bodies and business.

The support of the Friends of Waite Conservation Reserve is crucial to the ongoing care and restoration of the bushland.

In 2002, Friends of Waite Conservation Reserve were awarded a community grant from the City of Mitcham to improve community access and information about The Reserve.

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