About University Websites

The Office of Marketing and Recruitment is responsible for oversight of the University's web presence, ensuring it meets web best practices, brand standards, and contains relevant and accurate content.

The University of Adelaide website is our primary recruitment tool, leading prospective students of all ages through the recruitment funnel. It is also the most visible representation of the University of Adelaide and is often the first impression many people have of the University. 

The Office of Marketing and Recruitment is responsible for establishing the web governance framework. 

Website governance refers to people, policies, procedures, standards, and guidelines that govern the creation and maintenance of our official website.

This document will provide clarity regarding the roles and responsibilities of those Content Management System (CMS) users who update and maintain the University of Adelaide website. 

These include pages managed in the University’s content management systems, intranets, Faculty websites, blogs created and managed within the adelaide.edu.au domain, applications and services, e-newsletters and other tools supporting electronic communications.

Website strategy

The Web Operations Team in the Marketing and Recruitment Branch is responsible for the governance strategic direction of the University’s website.

Our goal is to ensure that the University is delivering a modern, contemporary, user-focused and accessible website, with the provision of clear and accurate information to all website visitors. We undertake continuous and wide-ranging data analysis, global benchmarking and the review of up-to-date best practice guidelines, to help us align the strategic direction of the University website, with the University’s strategic goals.

For many visitors, particularly prospective undergraduate and graduate students, the University of Adelaide website presents a crucial first impression of the University. As such, the website must:

  • Clearly communicate the University's brand and central marketing messages
  • Quickly and efficiently engage target audiences
  • Present relevant, compelling, accurate and timely information
  • Provide visitors with intuitive navigation that facilitates efficient access to desired content
  • Offer a unified entry point to all of the University of Adelaide’s Web resources including student portals
  • Provide an easy-to-use mechanism by which to engage the University for applications and requests for information

Roles and responsibilities

  • Business and content owner - Marketing and Recruitment

    As guardian of the University’s brand and identity, the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) has the ultimate responsibility for representing the University across all communication channels, including in the digital space, therefore the CMO is effectively the owner of the University’s website. 

    Under the direction of the CMO, the Office of Marketing and Recruitment (MR) is responsible for determining both the suitability of content and the manner in which it is displayed on the web, as well as for ensuring web accessibility, standards and compliance requirements are met. This includes responsibility for and ownership of all elements comprising the University’s brand and identity, including voice, tone, domain naming and visual standards for all web and digital content in the online space. 

    The University uses a semi-distributed model for content development and publishing –– some content is completely maintained by the Marketing and Recruitment and some content is managed by trained CMS users across the University. 

    Marketing and Recruitment is also responsible for public facing web applications (including student recruitment applications), including degree finder, course outlines and staff directory.

    To ensure Web Authors are aware of their rights and responsibilities across the web publishing environment we offer consulting and advice on: user experience, information architecture and branding & compliance as well as providing training and front-line support. 

  • Local content owner - Individual area

    Responsibility for authorising and maintaining content on individual area websites is devolved to the head of the area represented on that website. The role responsible for authorising the content is displayed in the page footer of each web page on the University website. 

    Area website content management roles act on behalf of their authorising role, within the guidelines set by the Office of Marketing and Recruitment.

  • Technical owner - Information Technology and Digital Services

    University of Adelaide Information and Digital Services (ITDS) is responsible for the ongoing technical maintenance, security, support, and development of the web CMS platform (WCMS), working closely with the Web Operations team in Marketing and Recruitment. ITDS is also responsible for a range of internally facing web applications (including internal student facing whole student life cycle from application to graduation, internal staff facing and research compliance applications). ITDS is responsible for security, reliability and hosting of web sites and web applications.