About University Websites

The University of Adelaide website comprises over 1000 sites hosted in centrally managed Content Management Systems (CMS) as well as numerous internally and externally developed web applications and products.

Migration to Drupal

The Template Management System (TMS) was developed in-house, and has been used for over a decade at the University.

All University websites are being migrated to the new CMS, built using Drupal 8 as its base platform.

The new platform leverages in-built Drupal 8 features extended with the in-house development of the Style Guide, theming and back end functionality to provide a responsive, mobile first web environment and improved user experience across all devices.

Please note: TMS is not set for any further development and will be retired once all sites are migrated, and Drupal will become the primary CMS. Information, Technology and Digital Services (ITDS) are responsible for the back end technical support for all Drupal websites.

Strategic direction of the University’s website

The Web & Digital Team is responsible for the strategic direction of the University’s website.

Our goal is to ensure that the University is delivering a modern, contemporary, user-focused and accessible website, with the provision of clear and accurate information to all website visitors. We undertake continuous and wide ranging data analysis, global benchmarking and the review of up-to-date best practice guidelines, to help us align the strategic direction of the University website, with the University’s strategic goals.

University website template

All new University websites use a templated design that has been developed to adhere to the University's brand standards. The template is automatically applied when a new website is created and can't be customised. Should you have a legitimate reason for customisation, please contact the Web & Digital Team.