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Domain Names

Servers on the internet, especially web servers, are normally reached via a domain name. These names are part of the human interface to a website, and so they should be descriptive and fit with user expectations so they are memorable.

If you would like more information about the domain names, you can read more about it online Link to external website.

University Domain Names

The University's primary domain name is Its website is best reached via, and many services and organisation units are to be found within this overarching site.

Some faculties and services have sub-domains of, such as or These exist for historical reasons or in order to distinguish between significantly different services on a technical level.

Some web sites we host have other names, such as If you are planning to use such a name, you must have a good reason for doing so, such as being distinct entity, or to integrate with an approved marketing initiative.

Proliferation of domains is counterproductive because each distinct domain name:

  • Costs money, time and effort to register and keep registered
  • Complicates server and website configuration and administration
  • Potentially confuses the user's sense of our websites' providence
  • Potentially dilutes the brand of the University
  • Potentially damages the University brand if it expires

Conditions of Hosting

A domain name for a website hosted by the University should:

  1. Undergo a consultation process with Web Team prior to registration
  2. Be registered for you by TS or transferred to them for administration and renewal
  3. Have TS administered name servers listed as authoritative for the domain

In general, if your domain is and the site will be hosted on the central servers, then TS needs to set up name-server records so that both and have the correct IP address.

The Web Team should be notified prior to this so that the central web servers can be configured to respond to these names.

If the domain name is registered with a third party and not administered by TS, then you are responsible for domain administration and must maintain the domain name for as long as it is needed.

If the domain name has authoritative name servers outside of TS, then you are responsible for domain configuration and must maintain the name server records for as long as they are needed.

If one or both of these conditions are not met then it may not be in the interests of the University to provide the website with hosting. This is because of the tendency for domains managed in an ad-hoc manner to expire, be acquired by arbitrary third parties and thus let down their user base, creating needless work and confusion for the University community and disrepute for the University brand.

Our approach to the issue of website domain names is as follows:

  1. Use the primary domain name if possible
  2. Otherwise, use a sub-domain of if possible
  3. Otherwise, use a separate domain name, preferably within the or .au domains, and have the domain name and name servers administered by TS
  4. If for some reason there is no way to comply with the options above, we may still be able to host the site, subject to negotiations with M&C and with caveats listed on this page

The M&C Web Team should be involved in the decision making process described above for choosing the domain name of a site. Please contact us about your site before registering a separate domain.


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