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Website Redesign FAQs

  • What has changed?

    The visual design of the University website has been refreshed to promote a positive and contemporary view of the University. The future student areas have been streamlined and upgraded to improve prospective student experience of the website. A new main navigation has been introduced to provide a more intuitive means of browsing and exploring the website.

  • Has this affected my website?

    Other than the upgraded homepage and top level pages managed by Marketing and Communications, current pages and websites have not been altered. Visitors will still be able to find your site as they normally would and you will still be able to edit your website.

  • Where have all the homepage links gone?

    All of the old homepage links can still be found in the page footer displayed on the bottom of every University webpage and most of the homepage links have also been incorporated into the new top-level menus.

  • Why isn't my link in the menu?

    The selection of links included in the menu and footer were based on research and analysis of web traffic.

  • Why is social media so prominent?

    In the last few years, social media has grown to become an important tool for the University to communicate with students, alumni and the general public. It provides us with an opportunity to continue a relationship with people outside our website, which is why we encourage them to connect with us on our external social presences.

  • What is Degree Finder? And what happened to Program Finder?

    Based on extensive feedback from students, we have renamed Program Finder as Degree Finder, making the name consistent with their expectations and their search behaviour. Within the University Programs and Courses still mean the same thing and Programs are now also known as Degrees.

  • Where can I search?

    Search has been consolidated into a single search box fixed in the page header. The dropdown allows searching of different databases including the library catalogue, staff directory and degree finder.

  • Where can I find information for current staff and students?

    Important staff and student links can now be found in the main menu. The main current staff and student pages have been revamped to make it quicker and easier to find information.

  • How do I login to Unified?

    The login button for Unified can be found in the Students and Staff menus and pages as well as the link in the footer area of every page.

  • When will my website be migrated across?

    There are presently over 900 websites on the University server. From the launch date, Marketing and Communications will work with faculties and business units to progressively migrate most of these sites to the new templates.

  • What browsers is the website optimized for?

    The new design has been optimised for recent standards-compliant browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome and Safari. If you are using Internet Explorer 6, 7 or earlier you may notice some things not working.


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