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TMS Templates

The web team offers a complete template-based website package to the University community.

Not only does this website package include a Template Management System (TMS) to manage content on the University's websites, it also includes the set-up and maintenance of one of the University approved templates.

  • Customisation of Template Design

    All University websites must be created by the Web Team using one of the University approved templates and adhering to the University's Brand Standards. Any customisation of the templates should not be setup locally by the website maintainer(s).

    If you have any questions about the customisation of templates on individual sites, please contact the Web Team.

  • Types of Templates Available

    The web team have produced a range of templates which can be viewed in the UI Demo site. Each template is set out to meet the needs of their target audience and clientele, whilst keeping the website accessible, and maintaining synchronisation in appearance.

    The Research Institute template, Centre template and Promotional template feature a more customised homepage with dynamic content, however we realise that many websites that use the Academic template (Faculty/School websites) are in need of dynamic content also. That is why we have created additional features that can be included within the academic template where necessary.

  • Pattern Library

    The Pattern Library has been created by the Web Team to provide those content editors using the new template with the building blocks for fast website development.

  • The University Homepage

    The University homepage is the primary entry point into the University of Adelaide website and as such the styling on the homepage is different from all other pages in the site, while still conforming to the online branding guidelines for the University. Please note that this style is not permitted to be used on any other page within the University website.

  • Standards Compliance Statement

    The University of Adelaide website is best viewed using a browser that complies with web standards Link to external website. Every effort is made to keep all layout/content available within such browsers, but it is possible that such layout/content may cause some pages to not conform. Users of Netscape 4.x will have trouble viewing the site as intended because this browser does not comply with web standards. It is not singled out for any other reason.

  • Supported Web Browsers

    The University of Adelaide website supports any version of the below browsers that were released in the last three years:


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