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Google Analytics

Google Analytics can be implemented on most University sites.

Any website that sits under the URL of will already have Google Analytics set up on it.

Please contact the Web Team if you have any queries about Google Analytics, would like them to be set up for your site or would like a site report set up for you.

Understanding Your Results

If you already receive a Google Analytics report, please see the Understanding Your Results page to help get the most out of your analytics.

Tracking Events

If you'd like to track certain events, such as when someone clicks on a link on your website, visit the Tracking Events page.

Campaign Tracking

Marketing and Communications team members who wish to implement tracking for certain campaigns that use a short URL and a redirect, should see the Campaign Tracking page.

Email Tracking

Email was never intended to use HTML format and attempts by vendors to achieve this has led to a very poor situation for those expecting a lot from HTML emails. The only way to make a HTML design appear consistently across a decent subset of email clients involves extra work at design time combined with lowering your expectations to meet reality.

The Problem with Tracking Email

Because there is no javascript in HTML email we must resort to image tracking. An image is linked to from the HTML email that contain campaign tracking information in the URL of the image. To display the email completely the client must download the image and it tracked in doing so. However there are still problems that prevent the loading of the images:

  • Most email clients give the user a choice whether to load these remote images and the default is to not load them.
  • MS Outlook counters this by fetching the image when the mail is being composed and attaching it to the message so the client doesn't fetch it.

In both cases no images are loaded and so no tracking of email display can occur. EDM providers tend not to come clean on this issue because it erodes the perceived value of their analytics features.

How to Track Email

The situation is not as bad as it seems. The display of an email is actually a poor proxy for tracking whether a user actually read your message; its best to not worry about that metric because it simply cannot be obtained in a meaningful way.

What really matters is a user following the call to action of your message and this can be tracked reliably using the website analytics tracking methods described above. Just make the URLs of the links contain the appropriate campaign flags including a "Medium" flag of "email" for example.

Further Google Analytics Information

Download 'A Guide to Google Analytics Reporting' for more information.


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