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Photoshop Batch Resize

If you have a large amount of images and you want to do a batch resize of them, photoshop is a great tool to use. Alternatively, you can let the server resize your images as stated on the image galleries page.


  1. Ensure all of the images you want to resize are in the same folder.
  2. Copy one of the images on to the desktop and then right-click it and choose 'open with...' and choose to open it with Photoshop. (Alternatively you can open photoshop, then drag the image from the desktop into the photoshop window.)
  3. Once in photoshop take note of the zoom percentage you are viewing the image at. It will say "...%" and can be found either on the images tab (ref 'a'), or at the bottom left hand side in a white coloured box (ref b).
    ref a: ref b:
    Zoom reference aZoom reference b
  4. You can alter the zoom by using these keyboard shorcuts:

    holding down 'ctrl' and '+' will zoom in, similarly, holding down 'ctrl' and '-' will zoom out. OR, you can just double click in the white box at the bottom (ref b) and type in a % value.

    Have a play around with the zoom until you find a size that is close to the recommended size of 640px max height for portrait orientated images or 640px wide for a landscape orientated image. See this image for a size comparison for both landscape and portrait images.
  5. Take note of the percentage at which you are zoomed in at, as you will need this to resize the rest of the images.

    Next you will need to initiate the record actions feature, so that we can start recording the resizing steps.
  6. Open the actions toolbar, to get this go to 'window' (in the top photoshop menu), then select 'actions'.

  7. The actions box will pop up on the right hand side. You will need to create a new action by clicking on the icon that looks like a new document.

    create a new action by clicking on the new action button
  8. A popup will come up and you will need to name the action. Just call it something that you will recognise, ie: Batch Resize, Gallery Resize, or Image Gallery Resize.
  9. The record button should automatically select itself, however if it doesn't you will need to press the circle button at the bottom of the actions panel to record.

    record button in actions panel
  10. In the menu go to 'Image' -> 'Mode' and make sure that 'RGB Color' is ticked. (this ensures the image will display on the web.
  11. In the menu go to 'Image' -> 'Image Size...'

    image size step 1
  12. Ensure that the pixel dimensions drop down for both the width and height are set to 'percentage'. Also, you need to make sure you have the following check boxes in the image size properties panel ticked, 'Scale Styles', 'Constrain Proportions' and Resample Image: Bicubic (best for smooth gradients) - as shown in the below picture.

    Then, in the width field, type in the percentage value that you were zoomed in at previously when you were happy with the image size. (For example my image was roughly 640px wide at 33% so I typed in '33%', your value may differ though.)

    image size step 2 - change the dimensions to percentage

    Note: So long as you are using the same camera and image size settings when you take the photos each time the batch will always work as intended. You may need to re-create the action steps if you ever change camera type, or settings on the camera.
  13. Click 'OK' and then go to 'File' then click 'Save as...'.

    save as
  14. Name the file, and ensure it will save as a 'jpeg', then click 'Save' and click 'ok' when the little pop up comes up.
  15. 16. Once saved, click the 'stop' button in the actions area.

    stop recording button
  16. Now go to 'File' -> 'Automate' -> 'Batch...'.

    file -> automate -> batch
  17. Once in the batch window, ensure that in the 'Play' section, that the 'Action' is set to whatever you called your action. ie: Batch Resize, Gallery Resize, or Image Gallery Resize. - In this example we called it 'gallery_resize'.

    batch play action
  18. In the 'Source' section, click 'Choose' to pick your source folder that holds the images you want to resize.
  19. In the 'Destination' section, click 'Choose' to pick the destination folder you wish the resized images to go to. You can create a new folder somewhere on your 'notbackedup' drive, or your desktop, as it will be temporary. Ensure that your settings are as follows (or similar, as the destination and source folder paths will be different for you):

    click the image for a larger version

    batch settings - click for a larger image
  20. Once you have checked over the settings and ensured that the source and destination are set to 'Folder', that you have ticked 'Override Action "Save As" Commands' and made the filenaming use all lowercase naming system click 'OK'.
  21. Wait for photoshop to run through the resizing of each image in the folder. Once this is done you can then upload the images to the gallery pages folder through either Dreamweaver, or via webdev as described on the how to create a gallery section on the image galleries page.

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