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The includes folder for your website contains a number of elements that make up the template for your website.

Most of the files within the includes folder can be edited by logging into TMS and clicking on files in top blue editing box at the bottom of your homepage. Then select includes/ from the files list. The below outlines the files which can be edited:

The authoriser.html file contains the website's content authoriser's position and a link to their email address.

The maintainer.html file contains the website maintainers position or branch area and a link to their email address.

Example of site authoriser and maintainer

The site-footer.html file contains the website contact details at the bottom of your webpages e.g. address, telephone number, social media pages etc.

Example of a footer

The meta.html file contains the site metadata which holds keywords and descriptive text used for search engine optimisation. More information can be found in the advanced section on Metadata and Searchability.

The nav.html file contains a bulleted list of all the page headings listed in the navigation menu on the left-hand side of the website, including sub-pages.

The site-title.html file allows you to change the text shown in your website pagehead but that is also displayed in both the browser toolbar at the top of the screen and in the tab at the top of the webpage (see example below). On this site, the site title is 'University Web Guide'.

Web browser and tab site title example

If your website has a few sub-sites linked to it, you may have a menu.html (previously known as tabnav) file. If so, this file contains a list of headings and links used for the navigation at the top of the website (see example below):

Menu example

For information on older template includes, see the past template includes page.


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