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Siteimprove is an online tool which provides web accessibility auditing and quality assurance services. Content is the core of your website and keeping it polished and up-to-date is important.

Siteimprove shows you insights into your content; 

Quality assurance
  • Thorough content inventory shows you every page, link, media file, email address, phone number, and more presented in clean, well-organised lists
  • Identify, locate, and prioritise misspellings and broken or unsafe links
  • Readability tests your content against one of seven recognised readability tests, helping you identify and rework long words and complex sentences. Your content will be easier to scan and comprehend, improving the overall user experience and enhancing accessibility.
  • Quality Assurance issues are highlighted directly on page, removing the manual guesswork of pinpointing errors.
Accessibility Using global Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0) as its standard, Siteimprove Accessibility gives you a bird's eye view of your website’s accessibility status. Siteimprove highlight single page elements such as missing headings and images without alternative text that greatly affect accessibility and usability.

We recommend the following to get you started:

Quality Assurance
new user training
new user training

Questions about Siteimprove, adding a site to Siteimprove or requesting access to your site's Siteimrpove data can be done so via the Web & Digital Team.


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