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Hosting Conditions

The University, through Technology Services, provides web hosting free of charge to all University faculties, divisions and areas.

The University has developed hosting principles to apply to all webpages hosted on any University owned or controlled web server, regardless of whether or not the content is linked to the main University server and webpages.

These principles are:

  • The information must relate closely to the University's strategies and objectives.
  • There must be a demonstrable and obvious benefit to the University.
  • The pages should have a positive impact on the University's public reputation or image.
  • The published information should not expose the University to the risk of a legal liability or contradict official University policies.
  • Commercial activity utilising the University's Internet access is not permitted.
  • There should be no other alternative host for the pages that would be more appropriate.

The nature of the information published must be consistent with the University's webpage publishing policy, related to the mission and goals of the University, and meeting all the criteria in the hosting principles.

How to Apply

  • Step 1 Gather appropriate details

    Please gather the following information for your website proposal:

    • Name of the person requesting the new website and their position within the Uni
    • Your position (if requesting on behalf of someone else)
    • Name of the Area or Group requesting the website
    • Aims of the website and case for having it (details on what your group does)
    • Basic navigation structure/website menu (e.g. 'Home', 'About', 'People')
    • Suggested URL (e.g.
    • Download our web hosting form.
  • Step 2 Speak with your relevant Faculty/Area representative

    Before we can setup a new website, we need to ensure that the Department/Area Head approves the creation of a new website. You will need to provide them with your proposal details (gathered in step 1 above) and discuss this with them so they can approve/disapprove or amend anything if need be before it is submitted to the Manager, Web Team.

    Please see the Faculty Marketing Contacts list if your area/group resides within a specific Faculty, or please discuss with your Director/Area Head if you do not reside within a specific Faculty. See the list of Faculties and Divisions if you're unsure of who to contact.

  • Step 3 Fill out the web hosting form

    Once your website has been approved, you and the Department/Area Head will need to fill out the web hosting form and sign it.

  • Step 4 Submit your application

    You can submit your application in the following ways:

    • Email: Please get the Faculty Marketing Contact or Department/Area Head to email the Manager, Web Team with the web hosting form attached. Alternatively, you can email the form yourself, however you must CC the Department/Area Head (approver).
    • Online: Fill out the online form directed to: 'Manager, Web Team' and attach the completed web hosting form (ideally this should be done by the Faculty Marketing Contact or Department/Area Head).
    • In Person: If you would like to discuss the new website with someone from the Web Team upon submission, please fill out the online form and arrange a suitable time to meet with one of us. You will need to bring the completed web hosting form to the meeting.
    • Mail: Please send your web hosting form to the below address and we will be in contact with you:

      Manager, Web Team
      Marketing and Communications
      Level 2 Freemasons Hall
      254 North Terrace
      The University of Adelaide SA 5005
      Telephone: (08) 8313 3280

Please Note: Approval of any new website is at the Department/Area Head's discretion. Requests should come through the Faculty Marketing Contact or Area Head.


Web Team

Call us: For urgent requests or to speak with someone directly,
please contact one of our team members.
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