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Restricting Access

Follow the instructions below to restrict user access to your selected website content.


On the development server (webdev), go to the site you want to add access restrictions to and login by scrolling to the bottom of the page, clicking on the login link and entering your LDAP username and password to gain access to the TMS toolbox.

TMS login box

Navigate through the website until you get to the page that requires restricted access.

Click on the access link in the editing toolbox in the top blue box at the bottom of the page.

TMS editing options

You should then see a page that shows the folders in the site from the current folder up to the top level of the site. Click Edit Access for the current folder.

A form page will then be displayed allowing you to specify who should be given access to the site. The options are as follows:

  • Anyone: no access restrictions on the folder
  • Staff and Affiliates:  people considered staff or visitors of the University of Adelaide for the purposes of LDAP authentication can access the folder.  This may include contractors and visiting academics.
  • Students: only students of the University of Adelaide can access the folder
  • Postgraduate Research Students: only postgraduate research students can access the folder
  • University of Adelaide: any person with an entry in the University of Adelaide LDAP can access the folder (this includes staff, students, external, etc.)
  • User list: a specified list of LDAP userids can access the folder
  • Department list: people who are members of a specified list of HR department numbers can access this folder.  Your department number is presented by the dialog.
  • Esoteric credentials: anyone who knows the password set for the site can access the site.  You  have the option of setting a username, or leaving it blank. Please see the information below for details on setting up esoteric credentials.

Click the check box for the types of access you want set. If you select more than one, then anyone who meets any of the given criteria will be allowed in.

To set the access, click Save Changes.

NOTE: Before the access restriction will take effect, you must upload the relevant folder to the live site. You can do this by going to Site Files in WebAccess, finding the relevant folder and checking the box next to the name and clicking Upload Selected.

Setting up Esoteric Credentials

It is mandatory that when you set up esoteric credentials that you also tick the "User List" option and add anyone's LDAP user ID that maintains the website and/or needs to edit the contents of this page. If you do not do this, you will in turn, restrict your own access to edit this page as it creates a loop.


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