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Our team of Web & Digital Officers provide specialist advice, guidance, training and support to the University community, to assist in the delivery of high quality website content.

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If you’d like to learn how to edit a University website and have written authorisation from an existing maintainer or Head of department, please request either a TMS or a Drupal training session.

For new site maintainers, the training will cover all the information you need to successfully update your University website. For existing website editors, we’re happy to provide refresher training session, if needed.

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    • Drupal training

      University websites are currently in the process of moving from our TMS content management system to our new Drupal platform. If your website has already been migrated to Drupal, you’ll need to arrange Drupal training before you can make changes to your website.

      To register, please fill in this form below.

      Drupal training request form

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      I have written authorisation from an existing site maintainer or Head of department to edit the website?

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    • TMS training

      If your University website hasn’t yet been migrated to Drupal, you'll need to have some TMS training so you can update your website using this content management system.

      To register, please contact the Web & Digital Team.

      Please note: Scheduled TMS training sessions are no longer offered and we ask that you consider migrating your site to Drupal if you require new website editors for your site. This is to reduce the number of training sessions staff will have to attend and to avoid unnecessary training in a system that is being phased out.

    • Blog training

      If your University blog site hasn’t yet been migrated to Drupal, you’ll need to have some Wordpress blog training so you can add/edit posts.

      To register, please use the button below, enter the password blog-training and select your preferred date.

      Register for blog training

      Remember to use the password: blog-training

    • Refresher training

      If you've already attended one of our training sessions, but you'd like a quick training session to refresh your editing knowledge, please contact the Web & Digital Team.

    Not sure which training you need?

    If you’re not sure whether your website uses TMS or Drupal, please contact the Web & Digital Team and we’ll let you know and then arrange the right training for you.