Accessibility Tools

Accessibility tools can help you keep your website accessible.

  • Monsido

    The Monsido platform includes an accessibility tool to test your website’s compliance levels (WCAG 2.1) and fix issues that make it difficult for people with disabilities to use your website.

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  • The Readability Test Tool

    This tool allows you to check the complexity of your page and how readable it is. You can input a URL or the actual text to check how readable it is. The recommended scores are as follows:

    1. Gunning Fog and Flesch-Kincaid Grade: between 6 and 8. These values are an estimate of the number of years of schooling that would be required to understand the webpage content
    2. Flesch Reading Ease: aim for a score of around 60 to 70. The higher the score, the easier your page is to understand.

    Visit the Readability Test Tool

  • WAVE

    WAVE is a free web accessibility evaluation tool that allows you to enter a URL, file or HTML code and show you whether there are any accessibility issues.

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  • Colour Contrast Analyser

    This free tool works in conjunction with the WCAG2 guidelines in colour contrast which the WC3 now recommend and we also strongly endorse and follow. It allows you to compare the foreground and the background of say a button with text, to check if there is enough contrast between the two colours so that the text is visible to all users.

    Download PC version Download MAC version

Web accessibility toolbars for your browser

There are various accessibility toolbars available, depending on what browser you are using: