Your Google Analytics Results

Google Analytics' report results can be confusing and misleading if read incorrectly. To help you understand your results, we've explained what each report result means.

Google Analytics results screenshot



A pageview is when a page has been loaded by a browser. The number on your report shows you the total number of pages viewed.

Repeated views of a single page are counted, so if a visitor hits refresh after reaching the page, this will be counted as an extra pageview. If a user goes to a different page and then returns to the original page, another pageview will also be recorded.

Unique pageviews

A unique pageview combines all pageviews that are made by the same user during the same session.

For example, if one person views the web page four times in one session, then you'll get one unique pageview and four pageviews for that page.

Avg. time on page

The average amount of time visitors spent viewing the page(s).


Shows the entry page (first page visit) of a browsing session to your site.

It could be:

  • a search engine
  • clicking a bookmark 
  • or a user typing in the URL into their address bar.

Bounce rate

The percentage of users who enter your site at a specific page, only view that one page and then leave your website.

You can use this result to measure visit quality - a high bounce rate generally shows that the landing page isn't relevant to your visitors and doesn't encourage them to look at other pages on your site.

% Exit

The percentage of visitors that leave your website (e.g. close browser tab/window or go to another URL) from a specific page.

Suppose a page on your website got 100 pageviews and out of those 100 times, 30 times people closed the website while on that page and the remaining 70 moved on to view other pages, then exit rate for that page will be 30/100 = 30%.

The difference compared to bounce rate is that a visitor might have come to the page from another web page on your site then exited your website. This can be a good thing if the exit page was a goal page (e.g. checkout/register) or a bad thing if the exit page was your homepage.

% of site total and site avg

The site total and site average is relevant to what domain your website sits under. For example, if your site sits within then the site total/site avg refers to all pages within the URL. If your website is sitting on a virtual host then the site total/site avg refers to all pages within just that virtual host, e.g.