As a website maintainer it is important that you are aware of, and understand, copyright laws, issues and how you can access and share materials on your website. 

For specific information related to what is protected by Copyright, refer to the Copyright Act 1968 (Cth), or to the Australian Copyright Council's 'An Introduction to Copyright in Australia'.

The Library provides staff and students of the University with information on copyright issues, and how to access and share material appropriately.

Online copyright issues Copyright overview

This information goes through: 

  • using materials from other websites
  • linking and embedding
  • downloading / file sharing music and video
  • making material available online
  • infringing material on University websites
  • University material on other websites

The Library has a Copyright Coordinator who can provide more information and advice on a whole range of copyright issues. 

Images and graphics

  • Photos and images owned by the University of Adelaide may be used on local websites.
  • It is preferable to use photographs from the University of Adelaide Photo Library.
  • Due to the severe penalties of breach of copyright, images used on the University website must be authorised and chosen carefully. Please note that some images have an expiry date for publication, therefore limiting their use.
  • If you are using assets to create images check that the assets you are using aren't copyright restricted.
  • Be careful when taking screenshots and using them on your website. This involves the copying and communication of content, which could be subject to copyright infringement legislation if the content is copyright restricted.

Using images and graphics

Need help?

  • If you are unsure about whether you are infringing on copyright, don't use that content, whatever it might be.
  • If you need help sourcing images or are looking for advice around your content, contact the Web Operations Team.
  • You can also search the Australian Copyright Council website for more information on copyright.