Research Projects and Groups

Research group and project websites are governed and supported by their respective faculties in the first instance, with additional guidance and support provided by the Web & Digital Team if required.

Requirements for research group, area or project websites

  1. Research groups, areas or projects should consider whether their content can fit within an existing website before requesting a new site. Unless a funding body explicitly states that a separate website is a requirement, incorporating research projects into existing websites is the preferred approach, provided there is an appropriate site. Any request for a new website needs to go through the website approval process.
  2. Any researchers employed by the University of Adelaide need to have their research pages in full University branding.
  3. If the University is the lead for a funded project, such as ARC or CRC, the project website should not be hosted externally.
  4. If the University is not the lead, but is a collaboration partner with other Universities, for a funded project such as ARC or CRC, then these should be hosted externally.
  5. Should a staff member leave the employment of the University, they may negotiate to take website content with them. This, however, does not apply where there is a directive otherwise, or if the project's website contains technical or sensitive information or University intellectual property. 

Guidelines for improving the content of research websites

  • Websites should be used to promote research, and content should be suitable for a wide audience. Don't include sensitive or overly technical content.
  • People tend to skim read websites, so try to keep content as concise as possible, and break it up into logical sections. Make sure all pages of the site are included in the site navigation.
  • Rather than including lists of publications that need to be updated manually, link to the Researcher Profiles of the group/project members, where all publications are automatically updated.

More information

In the first instance, please speak to your relevant school or faculty website maintainers for more information and clarity.