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About this Service

What is a blog?
A blog (or web log) is a type of website that is updated regularly with news, commentary and other material such as images and videos. A blog differs from a normal website as it usually only focuses on a specific topic and readers may have the ability to leave comments on content posted.

Individual articles on a blog are called “posts” or “entries”. The most recent posts or entries published will be displayed first on the page.

Who can use it?
Anyone can read your blog, but only approved authors can maintain and post content on a blog. To become an author, please contact the Web Team for approval.

How does it work?
The blogs offered at the University are powered by a blog application called WordPress but are hosted on the University’s server. This means that the blog web address (URL) will be

Using the WordPress system to publish blogs allows authors with minimal technical experience to log-in and begin posting blog entries quickly and easily.

Why blog?
There are a number of reasons why a blog could be suitable for you/your department. Blogs:

  • give you the ability to quickly and easily edit and publish content;
  • allow discussion/interaction via comments, if required;
  • categorise your posts; and
  • allow you to use RSS feeds to link blog posts on your website.

Web Team

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