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Design & Layout


The Web Team has created a University theme which is required for all University of Adelaide blogs. If you would like to make any feature requests for this theme, please contact the Web Team.

Blog Homepage Banner

University blogs use standard image banners, however the Web Team can assist with setting up an alternative if you prefer. Most University blog banners are photographic images but other alternatives can be considered. Here are some sample blog banners we have available for you to use.

The banner images are 690 x 225px.

Please contact the Web Team if you would like an alternative banner on your University blog.


Pages are a good way to publish information that doesn't change much, like an About page for example.

Pages appear as a tab at the top of your blog and they are not associated with a date/time like posts, nor can you tag or categorise a page.

Create a Page

To create a new page:

  • Click Pages > Add New in your dashboard.

Add a new page screenshot

Edit a Page

If you would like to edit an existing page, click Pages > All Pages on the left menu (see above). Under the page you'd like to edit, click on the Edit link.

For more information on Pages, visit the WordPress Support Link to external website website.


Web Team

Call us: For urgent requests or to speak with someone directly,
please contact one of our team members.
Not sure how to do something? Take a look at our FAQs.