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Please read the relevant section below depending on whether your blog is hosted by the University or hosted externally:

My blog URL begins with

If you need help with a blog, please contact the Web Team. Alternatively, please visit the WordPress website Link to external website for more information.

My blog URL is externally hosted (e.g. not

Some of the University's existing bloggers use externally hosted blogs and, as such, have a blog URL which doesn't begin with An example of this may be ‘'.

If you need help with any of these blogs, please refer to the relevant third party's website for instructions and support.

Alternatively if you wish to move your blog to the University Blog server, please contact us to discuss the migration process, generally it is a simple export/import of the blog.


Web Team

Call us: For urgent requests or to speak with someone directly,
please contact one of our team members.
Not sure how to do something? Take a look at our FAQs.