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Getting Started

Find out how you can get started with a new University-hosted blog.

  • Step 1Read the Blog Hosting Conditions

    Before requesting a blog or findind out if a blog would be suitable for your needs, please see the information below:

    • Are you a member of staff at The University of Adelaide? is intended to support University staff research and other projects.
    • Do you intend for the blog to be used for teaching purposes?
      This blog service is for public blogging and is not intended as a service for direct use in teaching.
    • Do your blogging intentions meet the below requirements?
      Your blog will be regularly updated.
      Posts will be frequent; posts will be ongoing and your blog will not remain stale (i.e. your blog should not be dormant for extended periods of time).
      Posts will include new/events/topical information relative to the target audience
    • Have you read the Terms of Use and understand the policies that apply to the use of the blog?
    • Do you know what your blog will be about?
      The most successful blogs are those which are updated frequently with relevant and interesting content relating to a specific topic.
    • Do you know who will be editing the blog?
      A staff member will need to be responsible for updating the blog regularly. They will need to undertake a short training session with us, prior to posting for the first time.
  • Step 2Request a Blog

    If all of the above apply, then please contact the Web Team who will be happy to discuss your request further.

    Once your request is approved, we will create a new blog with the URL:

  • Step 3Editing Training and Access

    Before editing your blog, you (or the nominated person/s) will need to undertake a short training session.

    Once this has been done, you will need to log-in to the blog so your ID is recognised; then we can apply editing access.

  • Step 4Log In and Edit

    To get started:

    • Go to your University blog homepage and click on the 'Log in' link at the bottom of the right-hand side widget column.
    • Type in your Uni ID and password and then click the 'Log in' button.
      • If you recieve an error message, you can ignore it. Keep clicking 'retry' until you see your blog dashboard.
    • Find out how to create a post.

Web Team

Call us: For urgent requests or to speak with someone directly,
please contact one of our team members.
Not sure how to do something? Take a look at our FAQs.