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Degree Finder

This guide provides an overview of how the system works, the mechanisms for editing content, and guidelines and best practice in producing this content.


Degree Finder is an online database of all programs of study at the University. Degrees (Programs) within the context of the University of Adelaide refers to all undergraduate, postgraduate and non-award degree programs and plans. This program information is primarily aimed at prospective students but will also be of use to current students and other stakeholders.  

To be able to display accurate information Degree Finder uses data from PeopleSoft pertaining to the programs and plans officially offered by the University in the relevant year. Data stored in PeopleSoft is not comprehensive, especially in providing descriptions, such as program outlines, international specific information, graduate attributes and so on. 

Degree Finder takes all available information from PeopleSoft and augments it with information than has been manually added.

Linking to Degree Finder

If you are a current website maintainer and would like to know how best to link to the Degrees, please see the linking to Degree Finder section in the Degree Finder Manual.

Editing Information in Degree Finder

The Degree Finder content is made up of information taken from PeopleSoft and content that is stored specifically for Program Finder.

The PeopleSoft information is an official source of academic programs offered by the University each academic year. It is updated from the PeopleSoft database every morning and is not editable within the Degree Finder. The following information is directly imported from PeopleSoft and cannot be changed in Degree Finder:

  • Degree Title
  • Degree Code
  • Location
  • Duration
  • TER scores
  • Annual Tuition fees (domestic students)
  • Annual Tuition fees (international students)
  • SATAC codes
  • Availability (offered internationally or just to domestic students, in which year the program is offered)

Admission information is added centrally by Admissions, International Office and the Graduate Centre.

The Degree Finder Manual has step-by-step instructions on the Style Guide for adding content to Degree Finder and Documentation on the process.

For Further Information please contact the Degree Finder administrators.



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