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Staff Directory

The University of Adelaide Staff Directory is a centralised application that allows staff information to be stored and accessed centrally, but which allows each University of Adelaide staff member to maintain their own information.

  • Search and View Entries on Staff Directory

    Any visitor to the University of Adelaide website is able to view employee details in the Staff Directory.


    To view a particular user's details, browse to, enter their name or part of their name in the search field, select directory from the buttons under the search field (the default is 'phonebook') and click on the search button.

    If there is one match, the detailed entry will be displayed. If there is more than one match, a list of all entries matching the search criteria will be displayed and the appropriate staff member's details may be viewed by selecting their entry from the list.

  • Making Changes to Staff Directory

    Who Can Make Changes

    Any user who is logged in to the Staff Directory can make changes to their own page. Users can not make changes to another user's details; you can only edit information on your own page.

    Log In

    To log in, click on the login link at the top left of the screen and enter your University of Adelaide staff LDAP username and password (the same username and password you use for email and payslip access, etc).

    Don't forget to log out when you are finished making changes to your Directory entry.

  • Editing Your Staff Directory Profile

    Once you have successfully logged in, your page will be redisplayed with the options you can use to edit your profile shown on the top left-hand side of the webpage.

More Information

If you have further questions, please check our Staff Directory FAQs before submitting your queries via our Online Request form.


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