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Convert Current Staff Pages

Information can be copied and pasted from your current staff personal page(s) into your staff directory profile.

You can copy information from your current staff personal page(s) into your staff directory profile. This can be done by viewing your current pages in a browser window and copying the information therefore you do not need to have web authoring access to the existing pages to do this.

Access Your Current Information

Go to the following pages:

  1. Open your current staff pages in a browser window (usually Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox).
  2. Open a second browser window and view your Staff Directory profile. This can be done by going to and searching for your name.
  3. Open a new blank page in a basic text editor, such as Notepad.
    On a PC, Notepad is available from Start Menu -> Programs -> Accessories -> Notepad.

Steps to Transfer Information

  1.   Log into Staff Directory by clicking the login link at the top right of your staff directory page.
  2.   Click on the Add home page information link and for each category that you want to copy information for:
    1. go to the existing page in the browser window
    2. copy the information for that category (using Control-C or Edit->Copy)
    3. switch to notepad and paste the information to remove formatting (using Control-V or Edit->Paste)
    4. select the unformatted version of the information from Notepad (using Control-C or Edit->Copy)
    5. switch to the Staff Directory entry in the browser and paste it into the appropriate category (using Control-V or Edit->Paste).

Steps to Transfer Image

If you want to transfer an image from an existing page and don't already have a copy on your computer, you will need to copy the image to your hard drive and then upload it, but if it already exists on your hard drive you can begin from the Add/edit picture step:

  • First obtain a local copy of the image
    1. view your existing page in a browser window
    2. put the cursor over the image to be copied and right-click the mouse
    3. select Save Image As from the menu and copy the image to a temporary location (e.g. your desktop)
  • Go to the directory page and select the option to Add/edit picture
    1. from the browser option, select the image from its saved location on the hard drive
    2. once this is completed and the image is uploaded, it can be deleted from your local computer.



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