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How to Edit Your Staff Directory Profile

Please follow the guidelines for creating content for your Staff Directory profile in conjunction with these instructions for editing your profile.

  • Amend Contact Information

    Your contact information is shared between your Phonebook and Staff Directory entries and only Switchboard staff can change your details.

    To change your contact details please fill in and submit the Phonebook Amendments form.

  • Add Homepage Information

    You can enter/edit information in the following predefined profile categories.

    • Awards & Achievements
    • Biography/Background
    • Community Engagement
    • Professional Associations
    • Professional Interests
    • Publications
    • Qualifications
    • Research Funding
    • Research Interests
    • Teaching Interests

    To enter new information, select a category from the drop down list, then enter text into the data field.

    When you add information to a category, a link is added to the menu at the top left of your Directory page, which allows people viewing your page to jump down the page to specific sections of your Directory profile.

    The editor used to format the content of your pages is the same as that is used for editing University websites and its operation is similar to using basic word processing software. See our guidelines on creating and editing your profile and how-to guide for editing content in TMS for more detailed instructions on adding information to your profile.

  • Add/Edit Picture

    You can upload an image file from your computer to be displayed as your Directory profile photo.

    Please refer to the guidelines on adding photos before uploading any image files – certain requirements must be met.

    To upload a photo, select the 'Add/edit picture' option, click on the 'Browse' button to search your computer for the image file (e.g. C:/My Documents/Pictures/profile-pic.jpg or U:/a1234567/profile-photo.jpg) and select the chosen file, then click 'Save'.

  • Attach Files

    Files/documents can also be uploaded or from your computer to be 'attached' to your Directory entry.

    Please refer to the guidelines on attaching documents before uploading any files to Staff Directory.

    To upload a document, select the 'Attach files' option, browse to the location of the document file on your computer and select it. Enter some text in the label field – usually the title of the document you are uploading – and then click 'Save'.

  • Deleting Content

    Deleting your Staff Directory homepage information is a quick and simple process.

    Please refer to the guidelines on deleting content for step-by-step instructions.

More Information

If you have further questions, please check our Staff Directory FAQs before submitting your queries via our Online Request form.


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