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Staff Directory FAQ A to Z

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Who can change details of a staff entry in the staff directory?
A University of Adelaide staff member, with a valid LDAP user id may change their own details in the staff directory. Currently users are not able to nominate other staff members to change their details.

How do I get a staff directory entry ?
All University of Adelaide staff members, with a valid LDAP user id, have a staff directory entry that they may update. A link to your staff directory entry will appear in the phonebook (e.g. "Joe Bloggs' homepage") once you've edited your entry for the first time by adding a photo, some text or attaching a file.

How can people view my staff directory entry?
Staff directory entries have a URL of the form, based on the names in your email address. To view your entry, people can enter this URL directly into their browser, or they can go to the staff directory homepage and enter your name, or part of your name, into the search box.

Why isn't my staff directory profile appearing in search engine results ?
The previous version of the staff directory prevented search engines from indexing the pages, however the new version that has recently gone live does allow search engine indexing. It may take up to a month for the search engines to reindex our site but after that time the staff directory pages will be found.

How can I access my staff directory entry?
Your staff directory entry is located at, based on the names in your email address. Go to the URL for your entry and login at the top right of the screen with your standard University userID and password to edit the information in your entry.

How do I change my contact details?
Please see our section on how to amend contact information and edit your profile.

Who can add information to their directory entry?
Currently only people listed as staff in the in the University of Adelaide LDAP may add information in the staff directory. The status of postgraduate students varies according to the area, but in general, if a postgraduate is being paid by the university then they will have status as a staff member and be able to add directory information.

What username and password do I use to log in?
Your University of Adelaide staff LDAP username and password are used to access your page. In most instances, these will be your email username and password.

How do I format/markup/enhance the text in my entry?
You can select different types of heading formats from the drop down list in the TMS editor, or for paragraph text you can make your text bold, or italicised. For special text types such as captions and news style text,  select the text you want to change and then click on the insert/edit hyperlink icon and give the selected text a class of either "caption" or "news". Please note that you do not have to give the text a link in this case and that by giving the text a class, you will not create a link unless you fill out the "URL" section.

How do I add my details to the University experts database?
If you are a University employee with an expertise that you'd like to add to our experts database, please register yourself with the Expert Guide, making sure to select "University of Adelaide" as your organisation. Your details will be checked by our media team, and when approved will be added to our experts database.

How do I update my publications automatically?
Adelaide Research & Scholarship (AR&S) is the University of Adelaide's institutional digital repository. You can embed a listing of your publications from the AR&S database in your staff directory and all formatting and updating will occur automatically. Follow the instructions provided by the AR&S team to include the publications listing into your profile.

How do I convert my current local staff page into my profile?
You only need to be able to view your current local staff page in a browser to do this.
Copy and paste the details from the page in your browser window into your Staff Directory profile. Converting current staff pages provides detailed instructions for moving your content into your Staff Directory profile.
Please note: once this is done, you should advise your local web maintainer(s) that you would like them to link to this profile rather than the pages on their local site.


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