Staff Directory Editing

The University of Adelaide Staff Directory is a publicly accessible resource containing contact information for all University of Adelaide staff.

Any visitor to the University of Adelaide website is able to view employee details in the Staff Directory.

Staff can be searched by name, building, organisation unit or media expertise.

Each staff profile page contains the staff member's:

  • name
  • position
  • organisational unit
  • email address
  • telephone number, and
  • location.

Each University of Adelaide staff member is able to maintain their own information. View the Staff Directory editing guide for more information.

To view a staff member’s details, browse to the homepage of the Staff Directory.

Enter the staff member’s name or part of their name in the search field, and click the red search box.

If there is a match, a list of all entries matching the search criteria will display. Click on the appropriate staff member's name to view their staff profile page.

Alternatively, to search by building, organisational unit or media expertise, click the arrow in the drop down field to view the list of options available.

Screenshot: staff directory homepage example

Unlike the University of Adelaide staff directory, which is restricted to specific contact information and position details, Researcher Profiles enable researchers to display and promote their research, career and personal information.

Researcher Profiles are available to University of Adelaide academic staff, titleholders and Higher Degree by Research (HDR) students, and publication and research content is automatically updated to individual profiles from Aurora

Where applicable, all personal, career and research information is to be added to your Researcher Profile rather than your Staff Directory page. 

To edit your Researcher Profiles page see the Researcher Profiles support page.

For more information, visit the Researcher Profiles page on the Aurora website.

Find a researcher

From the Staff Directory homepage, Researcher Profiles can be accessed by entering the relevant staff member’s name in the field under ‘Find a Researcher’ and clicking the red search box.    

You will then be directed to the Researcher Profiles site and a list of matching Researcher Profiles will be shown.

Screenshot: find a researcher

When print and broadcast media (e.g. radio and television) contact the University's media team seeking comment from experts in their chosen field, the names of the University’s listed experts are provided.

If you are an expert in your field and happy to deal with media enquiries, visit the Media Expert Guide help page for instructions on how to add your personal profile on Expert Guide.

For more help with finding a media expert, contact the University’s Media Team.

  • Find a media expert on the Staff Directory

    1. From the Staff Directory homepage, click ‘MEDIA EXPERTISE’ in the left hand menu.
    Screenshot: media expertise


    2. Search for a relevant media expert by:

    • clicking on the alphabetical links (A-Z) 
    • entering the staff members name in the search field, or 
    • entering the field of expertise in the search field.

    Click 'SEARCH'.

    Screenshot: media expertise search

    3. If there is a media expert(s) for the term searched, the results will display in a list below the search field. 

    Screenshot: media expertise search listing

    4. Click on the name of the relevant media expert in the search results to view their Staff Directory page.

    Screenshot: media expertise search : expert page