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Wine Economics Research Centre

Global Wine Markets, 1860 to 2016: A Statistical Compendium

by Kym Anderson, Signe Nelgen and Vicente Pinilla    (November 2017)

The Wine Economics Research Centre has produced this latest edition of global wine statistics, in a major revision, update and backdate of the preceding issue of the Global Wine Markets statistical compendium, which is still available here.

The ebook version of Global Wine Markets, 1860 to 2016: A Statistical Compendium may be downloaded as a PDF free of charge from the University of Adelaide Press, where a hard copy also may be ordered for A$77 plus postage.

The two annual databases which this new Compendium summarizes are freely accessible as:

Anderson, K. and V. Pinilla (with the assistance of A.J. Holmes), Annual Database of Global Wine Markets, 1835 to 2016, Wine Economics Research Centre, posted at, November 2017; and

Holmes, A. and K. Anderson, Annual Database of National Beverage Consumption Volumes and Expenditures, 1950 to 2015, posted at, July 2017.

These databases, and the new Compendium, are drawn on by authors of analytical narratives that are chapters in Anderson, K. and V. Pinilla (eds.), Wine Globalization: A New Comparative History, Cambridge and New York: Cambridge University Press (January 2018).


The various sections of tables of the Compendium are available here in Excel format:

Front pages - list of tables, technical notes, abbreviations, statistical sources, and authors’ preface. [pdf 28 pages, 2477kB]

Charts: Global wine markets at a glance [pdf 28 pages, 2477kB]

I.    Global wine markets, 2014-16 [pdf 7 pages, 228kB; Excel 82kB]

II.   Wine markets by country: annual data, 2006 to 2016 [pdf 120 pages, 7207kB; Excel 2370kB]

III.  Wine markets by country: decadal data, 1860s to 2016 [pdf 173 pages, 7937kB; Excel 1184kB]

IV.  Wine bilateral trade, country by region, 1990 to 2016 [pdf 85 pages, 4790kB; Excel 874kB]

V.    Wine bilateral trade, country by country, 2016 [pdf 57 pages, 1839kB; Excel 440kB]

VI.  Wine and other alcohol consumption taxes, 2008, 2012 and 2014 [pdf 4 pages, 145kB; Excel 20kB]

VII. Wine and other (tax-inclusive) retail beverage consumption expenditure, 2001 to 2015 [pdf 26 pages, 2980kB; Excel 593kB]

VIII. Indexes of intensity and similarity in alcohol consumption volume, by region, 1961 to 2015 [pdf 11 pages, 635kB; Excel 133kB]

IX.   Indexes of intensity, similarity and quality of alcohol consumption, by country, 2001 to 2015 [pdf 14 pages, 1558kB; Excel 299kB]

X. Earlier total and bilateral wine trade data and alcohol taxes, 1323 to 1940 [pdf 19 pages, 720kB; Excel 126kB]

Praise for the previous edition of Global Wine Markets, 1961 to 2009:

“Kym Anderson and Signe Nelgen's data track the astonishing changes undergone by the wine world over the last half-century in meticulous detail. This volume should be an essential download for everyone researching, studying or writing about wine.”

Andrew Jefford, wine writer for Decanter, author of The New France, and Australian Wine Writer in Residence at the University of Adelaide during 2010.


“The authors have revised and expanded what was already an indispensable compendium to another, even higher level.”

Professor Orley Ashenfelter, Princeton University and founder/author/publisher of the newsletter Liquid Assets.


Previous editions of the Global Wine Statistical Compendium are listed here.