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Wine Economics Research Centre

The University of Adelaide Australia

Data on the economic contributions and characteristics of grapes and wine to rural regions of Australia  

Over the past two decades, the Australian wine industry has been through a remarkable period of export-oriented growth. The vineyard area in Australia trebled over the 20 vintages to 2008. Today, nearly two-thirds of Australia's production is exported and production itself has increased nearly four-fold since the early 1980s. Moreover, the average price of those exports more than trebled in nominal terms over that period. Meanwhile, domestic consumption of wine is becoming more focused on higher quality offerings. This export-led growth and quality upgrading, assisted by marketing efforts of wineries as well as ‘Brand Australia' generic promotion abroad, has added remarkable wealth and vitality to many rural regions of Australia and it has also altered the characteristics of production.

A report summarizing the data is available as Wine Economics Research Centre Working Paper 0110.

The Excel file with the underlying data is available to download. Please acknowledge the source as: Anderson, K., S. Nelgen and E. Valenzuela, "Compendium of Grape and Wine Data for Australia's Wine Regions, 1999-2008", February 2010.