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Wirltu Yarlu Academic Mentoring Program

Wirltu Yarlu Academic Mentoring Program (WYAMP)

The Wirltu Yarlu Academic Mentoring Program (WYAMP) provides opportunities for extra tuition for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students enrolled at the University of Adelaide.

Most students are eligible for up to two hours mentoring per week in each of their subjects. However, as the mentoring is student-driven, there is no guarantee of regular hours. Mentoring is normally provided in one-to-one sessions, held on campus, usually in the Wirltu Yarlu or faculty study rooms, Hub Central, or the library.

Mentors are expected to pass on skills needed by students to compete at a tertiary level, and foster the student’s independent learning skills. The aim of the program is to assist students to be self-directed, independent life-long learners.

Karnkanthi Indigenous Education Program

The Karnkanthi Indigenous Education Program supports Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students in years 10, 11 & 12/13 who aspire to go to university. The program provides social, cultural and academic support to its students, with the aim of setting them up as successful university students.

The academic support that we offer includes our Academic Mentoring Program. This involves two hours of private tutoring per subject, per week. The tutoring mainly occurs out of school hours via Facetime/Skype due to its convenience for our students.

Tutors who wish to become part of our Academic Mentoring Program will be either qualified teachers, final year Bachelor/Master of Teaching students or qualified tutors. Current DCSI and RAN clearances are essential. The tutoring sessions are completely student driven, so there can be no guarantee of hours each week.

If you are interested in mentoring for either program, please fill out the form below so that your application process can begin.

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